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American Justice: Why Turd Blossom Won’t See Jail Time

There are some things that aren’t ever going to happen in the American Justice system. I hate to think about these sort of things because they only depress me, but right or wrong, and personally, I believe this is wrong, this is how our justice system works or doesn’t work, which ever way you want to look at it.
There was no way in hell that Bill Clinton was going to go to jail, prison or even on home arrest for committing perjury when he testified that he didn’t have sex with Monica Lewinsky.
I mean only someone who either doesn’t have a clue how our justice system works, or was just blinded by his hatred of the man actually thought that there was a chance in hell that he was going to see time in jail.
Then you have rap artist Little Kim, she says on the witness stand that she didn’t see her boyfriend shoot at some people and she is going to do a year in jail.

"In America, the power you get in politics is even more powerful than the power you get from having money. Anyone can get money."
Now we have Turd Blossom Karl Rove who gave up the name of a CIA operative to get back at her former ambassador husband who was publicly critical of the war in Iraq, a treasonous act, an act that is a federal crime and like Clinton, he isn’t going to see a day in jail either.
Now here is where my cynicism sometimes gets the best of me, but even if Valerie Plame had been captured and executed for being a spy in whatever country she was operating in, I doubt Turd would see a day in jail.
It would be far more difficult but it still would’ve happened.
In America, the power you get in politics is even more powerful than the power you get from having money.
Anyone can get money.
I find it very sad that we are all collectively resigned to the fact that there are different rules for different people at each level of society, and yet we still say that Justice is blind.
Well she might be blind but she sure isn’t in the dark.
Source: Joseph Wilson Calls on Bush to Fire Rove, Associated Press, July 14, 2005
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Puppeteer Karl Rove Was the One who Outed CIA Agent After all
And Karl Rove, of all people should know criticism is part of the job.
Karl Rove is the architect. When he isn’t putting the lipstick and the wig on the pig, he accusing someone else of doing it.

supreme court reconsidering obscenity standards
This is pretty interesting if only because it should give John Ashcroft fits.