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Parricide In Minnesota Over skipping Church

Matthew Niedere A kid killed his Jesus Freak parents over escalating arguments he was having with them over such points of contention as him attending a different church, skipping church services and flirting with girls.
I can believe it.
In fact, I don’t know how this doesn’t happen more often to tell you the truth.
Police say that there are about 300 parricides in the US each year with about twice as many failed attempts.
I don’t advocate killing people, obviously. What these kids did was wrong on every level, but with that said, it must be acknowledged that Jesus freaks can be annoying. It’s in their nature.
And although being annoying isn’t justification for killing someone it certainly qualifies as a motive.
Ed Gein, arguably the most infamous serial killer in American History was driven completely insane from his Jesus Freak mother’s insistence on his sexual repression.
Let’s just face it, sexual repression and Judeo-Christian religion goes together like caramel and milk chocolate.
Is that what Evangelical Christianity is all about? Half ass arguments for deliberate ignorance and unremitting insistence on assimilating yourself into a collective mindlessness?
"Let’s just face it, sexual repression and Judeo-Christian religion goes together like caramel and milk chocolate."
If any of you have seen the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and I don’t care which version you’ve seen, you know what I am talking about.
That is what you get from them.
Police say that Matthew Niedere conspired with a friend Clayton R. Keister to kill Niedere’s Jesus Freak parents because they wouldn’t shut up over which church he would go to, how often he would go and him flirting with girls.
Think about it, its not like this kid is saying that he wants to become a Hindu, I am sure the church he wanted to attend was still a Christian church.
But I guess to a snake charmer, if you aren’t playing with snakes then you “just aren’t getting it.”
You know, Christianity needs a commissioner just like they have in baseball. Someone needs to come to America and just standardize Christianity.
Pilgrims came over here to America to escape religious persecution and when left virtually unchecked, went along and started their own brands of Christianity, fragmenting the faith over and over and over again until we are where we are now with hundreds of different denominations all believing in a different emphasis on the same story and insisting that they are galaxies apart from one another ideologically.
Anabaptists, Adventists, Baptists, Congregationalists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Reformed churches …really people what is the deal?
We come to America to escape religious persecution and every single heretic with a smile and a take on the issue started his own church, legitimized himself after being labled a heretic by whereever he came from and denominations of Christianity began to thrive like mold.
Unchecked in this wide open new land of opportunity a dogmatist in Kentucky was practicing Adventism a little differently than dogmatist were in Alabama and next thing you know you have an entirely different denomination of Christianity.
With each one pointing the finger at the other and calling him a tool of Satan.
"We also recognize that in places where God's light is present, that's also where Satan is working hardest," Principal Lynn Henry said. "We have to reconcile ourselves to that."
Now Satan has something to do with this?
Let me ask a question, if a parent knowingly allows his child to be placed in jeopardy of a child predator and that predator attacks that child isn’t that parent negligent?
If you answered yes then why is it that God can knowingly have us at the mercy of Satan who has cart blanche to do with us as he pleases and yet we don’t hold God equally as accountable as you would any parent that allowed his child to be hurt by someone?
Even if Satan drove these kids to kill their annoying parents, why doesn’t some of the blame shift towards God who is basically allowing Satan to influence us in the first place?
How long can players refuse to perform before you fire the coach?
If you can admit that it is pretty fucked up that God would allow bad things to happen to good people then why is it so inappropriate to discuss the moral culpability of making such a decision.
And if God knows everything, then he knew ahead of time what Satan would become, so all of this could have been avoided in the first place.
Being omnipotent and omniscient places an awful lot of accountability on your doorstep.
But I guess when everyone is standing in line with their hand out wanting their portion of salvation from you, I guess they don’t mind looking the other way.
Source: Murdered on the way to homecoming dance, WCCO-TV 4 Minneapolis, Thursday October 13, 2005
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