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Bear Farmer Gets Eaten By Bears

I am all about animal revenge stories.
You show me a story about some wild animal having its way with a human that has been fucking with it somehow, I will run it.
PETA kinda reminds me of the Nation of Islam in the 1950s and 1960s.
All the rhetoric that Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad were talking about and eye for an eye and by any means necessary, never once did they actually venture down south to the heart of Dixie to talk shit, recruit and build a mosque.
No, they did most of their talking in Chicago, New York and Detroit.
PETA, with all of the shit that they talk never seem to find their way into places like China.
China has a pass because if China gets pissed off suddenly we could find ourselves not only in a fuel shortage but a clothing shortage, an electronics shortage, a vacuum cleaner shortage, a toy shortage. Hell we would be short on everything because they make everything we buy.
PETA agents for change aren’t spray painting people’s fur coats in Beijing or giving speeches advocating the moral justification of killing scientists that perform research on animals.
China doesn’t give a damn about human rights. Its kinda hard to make a case to them about treating animals with the same respect that they treat human beings because they would argue that “we already do.”
You need human rights before you have animal rights. That is just the natural progression of things.
Six black bears attacked Han Shigen at his Bear farm in China while he was cleaning their pen.
Apparently he was a “bear farmer” which in China means one who surgically implanted catheters in the gall bladders of wild bears so that their bile would drip out and he could sell the bile to make popular Chinese elixirs that cure everything from influenza to dry eyes.
In other words, you’ve heard of snake potions, right?
Well this guy worked at ground zero.
This is the guy that runs the meth lab, goes out and buys the Excedrin by the pallet and blows up rooms at seedy motels and abandoned mobile homes in the back of old trailer parks.
This is the guy that catches bird flu so you can have your chicken nuggets.
You owe him.
More than 200 farms in China keep about 7,000 bears on farms like this to tap their bile.
Animal Rights Groups have been insisting that China do something about tapping bears for their bile for years now but I guess the bears themselves got tired of people dragging their feet.
Evidently the bears ate Han up.
According to the Xinhua News Agency police realizing that they had to do something to get what was left of Han while there was still something left of him to get tried to shoot one of the bears with tranquilizers to no avail.
Apparently the bears were too pissed off for the tranquilizers to work.
Eventually police had to toss meat to the bears to distract them long enough to get what little remained of Han away from the bears.
Source: China bear bile farmer eaten by own animals, Associated Press Tues Oct 11, 9:56 AM ET
same difference

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