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Deadly Naegleria Amoeba Kills Two Kids In Tulsa

If you get this your time has come.
An amoeba that is found in stagnant water has killed two children in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Only 200 people have even caught this thing in the last 40 years.
And only 2 people have survived it.
Translation: when and if you catch Naegleria, that’s it, you’re done.
Apparently it enters the body through the nose, travels to the brain and to the spinal chord almost immediately triggering high fever, nausea, vomiting, really terrifying hallucinations along with headaches and a stiff neck.
As it starts to dissolve more and more of your brain that is when things really start to get interesting as you begin to lose bodily control, suffer from exorcist type seizures and then for an encore you die.
Just to be on the safe side, three pools where the kids had been known to swim were closed and tested by local Health Officials to see if chlorine levels at these pools were high enough to kill this particular amoeba and they were.
I know I am ignorant but that still wouldn’t make me feel any better.
On one hand we have dead kids. What we do know is that they died of Naegleria.
Maybe this super amoeba knows how to shake off the chlorine monster? I have heard of weirder things than that.
I know I tend to go into over kill a little sooner than most, but hey, that is why Health Official wasn’t on my list of jobs I would be good at when I took that test in High School to see what I should study in college.
When it said, “what would you do if a rare disease was discovered at your local swim hole I misspelled “Napalm the sumovabitch” right in the space where you could write in next to the “Other” option.
Source: Deadly Amoeba Kills 2 Children In Tulsa Area, Associated Press, August 8, 2005
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