Yoko Disses Paul…Again

I am a big John Lennon fan, but I am an even bigger Beatle fan.
When I was obsessed with the Beatles in my late teen/ early twenties I admit that I preferred John Lennon’s songs over Paul McCartney’s songs for the most part.
When I started writing my own music I found myself studying John’s songs a lot more than I did Paul’s songs.
It was just a style thing. The only real Beatle songs that I didn’t care for were Ringo’s contributions which were thankfully and justifiably limited to one track per album.
I was much more into Come Together and I’m Only Sleeping than When I’m Sixty Four or Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.
Paul was just a little too “poppy” for my tastes.
But John as a solo artist left a lot to be desired.
His only number one album came after he was killed and really his most notable post Beatle song is Imagine which also found its popularity after he was gun down.
Much like 50 Cent, John Lennon's post-Beatle career probably owes more to the fact that some nut shot him in front of his own apartment than to his own talent.
I truly believe that Paul’s campy catchy style brought commerciality to John’s work.
John would bring a song into the studio and Paul would make sure that by the time it was done you had something that would stick in your head. He gave it that radio play quality to it.
In other words, they worked well together.
They balanced each other out.
Once the Beatles broke up I think we (Beatle fans) learned that George Harrison was probably the most talented song writer out of the three of them, and truth be told, the Beatles were probably holding him back.
Paul makes catchy songs and catchy made them all rich. Yesterday, Hey Jude and Let It Be made the Beatles wealthier than Jesus, even if it was I am the Walrus or Revolution that made them more popular than Jesus.
But as John’s his solo career proved, for the most part he couldn’t find a hook if it logged itself into his upper lip.
And don’t get me wrong, I loved John’s work, even his solo work, but it was an acquired taste. In other words, you had to already like John’s work to begin with. Working Class Hero or Woman is the Nigger of the World wasn’t wining over any new fans.
What is wack about all of this is who this is all coming from.
We aer having this conversation because Yoko dissed Paul again.
Yoko is in no position to diss Paul. Yoko is no position to diss Right Said Fred, let alone Paul McCartney.
Paul still wrote Say Say Say, he made enough money off that song alone to eat off of for the rest of his life.
Yoko is still eating off John, which is fine. If John loved her that is his business, but seeing that she is about 105 now, I think she has had ample time to make a name for herself doing…something…anything but being John’s ex-wife.
Prior to this diss, the most recent volley in this feud been Yoko and Paul was when Yoko refused to allow Paul to put his song Yesterday on his new solo album because she claimed it’s not “appropriate”.
Her reasoning?
Well because the song was a “Beatles collaborative effort”.
Which to any Beatle fan is kinda funny because every Beatle fan knows that John didn’t write a single note of that song.
That one was all Paul.
Now Yoko is saying that John used to get his feelings hurt occasionally when it would dawn on him that Paul’s songs were covered a hell of a lot more than his songs were covered by people and Yoko told the audience at the Q awards that she used to comfort John by telling him, "I said, 'You're a good songwriter. It's not just 'June with spoon' that you write. You're a good singer, and most musicians are probably a little bit nervous about covering your songs.'"
Spoken a like a true groak. She knew who was buttering her bread.
Every time she opens her mouth and things like this come out of it, it just makes those allegations that she was behind the break up of the Beatles seem more and more legitimate.

Source: Yoko Pans Paul at Q Awards Associated Press, The Chicago Sun-Times.
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