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Dubya Says Miers' Jesus Freak Beliefs Figured Into Her Court Nomination
That’s one of the things that is wrong with the world today, people are actually forsaking their common sense the way we do in the court system.
People are up in arms because not only did Dubya nominate a woman with virtually no judicial credentials to the highest court in the land, but that now he freely admits that her Evangelical religious beliefs figured into her Supreme Court nomination.
My question is, what are you so upset about? Did you actually have to hear it from his lips before you believed that?
You also probably believed all of that bullshit about how in the twenty something years that he has been such good friends with her Dubya never ever had a conversation with her about abortion either.
In fact, I am sure if you ask Dubya he has never had a conversation with anyone about abortion or any other hot button social issue in the headlines today.
And you would believe it. Just like you believed Saddam had WMDs.
No. Don’t you act like we all got suckered on that one.
Go back and read my archives.
This is like in those court room dramas when a defense attorney stands up during testimony and angrily requests an objection to the court on grounds that something that was just testified to is speculation and should be stricken from the record.
They do that in court. They have good reason in a court of law to try to limit people from using common sense.
Common sense isn’t all that common. In jury selection they purposefully look for people with very little in any education to sit on some of the most high profile cases involving such high science ideas like DNA. They don’t want people to have common sense. If people had common sense OJ would be in prison right now, along with the four officers that nearly beat Rodney King to death.
But we are not in a court room. You don’t have to play like you are stupid. You can call it like you see it.
You don’t have to believe Dubya when he says that he’s never talked to Meirs about abortion or that there isn’t a litmus test to who he will nominate on the Supreme Court.
Of course there is. He isn’t looking for the best justice to sit on the court he is looking for the best conservative Justice to sit on the court and the litmus test for being a conservative in this country today is being against abortion.
Everything else is negotiable. You don’t have to support his out of control federal spending or even this endless war in Iraq.
Meirs is from an ultra-conservative Evangelical church in Texas that is almost 100% against abortion of any kind whatsoever.
When Dubya calls your number you better be ready to strike down abortion and take it down hard.
And personally, I can’t wait.
I can’t wait until women are dying in alleys again from botched abortions because if that is what it takes for Americans to understand where these neo-cons are coming from then take what you have coming.
I wish it didn’t come to this but I guess this is just the cycle that we all must go through together.
I've got to sit there and watch it and you people who didn't think it was important to get out and vote will live it.
People there was a reason that abortion was made legal in the first place. How soon we forget.
And Bush’s whole shtick that a judge shouldn't "legislate from the bench" motto is a bunch of crap. There is nothing about being a supreme court justice that isn’t about interpretation of the constitution. If the constitution was as clear as conservatives want to tell the American people that it is then the Supreme Court wouldn’t have a friggin’ job.
That has been the game. Tell the American people that court rulings that conservatives have disagreed with are examples of liberals legislating from the bench, like he isn't installing conservatives on the court to frame the constitution they way they see fit.
Even Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, recently said that he doubts he would’ve been confirmed today because the confirmation process is too politicized.
How can it not be? How can you interpret the constitution and it not be politicized?
It was the Supreme Court not the American people that struck down racial segregation in this country.
I guess that was legislating from the bench too.
It was the Supreme Court not the American people that said that women had the right to vote.
Let me guess, that was legislating from the bench too.
That is what Dubya doesn’t want and that is who you voted for.
Eat up.
Source: Bush: Miers' Religion Cited in Court Nod, Associated Press October, 12, 2004
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