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Police Arrest PETA Workers For Dumping Dead Animals
Predators go where the food is. But not many predators are sweet enough to just go get it just anywhere without some sort of cover.
That’s why leopards have spots.
Even animals in the wild kingdom need some kind of adaptation to help them deflect attention.
In the human world our predators are no different.
Homosexuals join the priesthood to deflect attention.
Lesbians join softball teams.
A Racist gets that one black guy from work a Christmas card every year.
A Homophobe harasses the crap out of gay kids in gym class to deflect attention from the fact that he shaves his legs.
And the reason it works with us is because far too many of us, rather than get to know people, instead would rather believe that we know people by the surface things we know about them. For example, instead of getting to know someone, and I mean really get to know them, we would prefer to just say that any girl with a tattoo on her lower back is a slut.
That saves us the time of actually getting to know her only to find out that she is a slut.
We would rather say that Father O’Brien can’t be a pedophile because he is a man of God, that way we don’t have to actually think anything is weird about a man voluntarily giving up sex when there is no evidence that being horny all the time makes you closer to God.
Two PETA employees, driving around in a PETA truck were dumping dead animals into dumpsters over the weekend.
Police arrested 24-year-old Andrew Cook and 27-year-old Adria Hinkle, both of Virginia.
Police say that they found 18 dogs in a dumpster behind a Piggly Wiggly and another 13 animals in a van.
Apparently they would go to animal shelters and pick up the animals, kill them and then dump them behind the Piggly Wiggly.
"They would drive up open this side, and never get out of the van, throw the bags in it. Most of the time we would come here on Thursday morning and we'd find anywhere between 19 and 25 dogs per trip," said Property manager David Harrell.
Police say that they aren’t sure if these are the same people that had been dumping dead animals in other parts of Ahoskie but ---
Dr. Patrick Proctor was called by police to examine one of the animals.
“The animal that I found was a very healthy six month old puppy that had been killed that day," says Proctor.
Proctor and police say the animals were euthanized.
In an AP report, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk says if it happened, PETA will be appalled.
Well it did happen, she was appalled, but apparently PETA’s plans to continue handing children Happy Meal like cardboard boxes with fake chickens inside covered in fake blood to deter them from eating at KFC restaurants is still a go.
So much for hoping that by staring bizarre right in the face Newkirk would recognize herself.
Source: 18 dead animals found in dumpster and 13 in PETA van, WNCT-TV 9, Thursday, June 16, 2005
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