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Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Goes Into Effect

You looking at me?
You looking at me?
Florida’s new “Shoot first” or “Stand Your Ground” law went into effect October 1st 2005.
Jeb Bush called it a “good, common sense, anti-crime issue” when he signed it into law.
Basically what the law says is that gun owners can shoot anyone in a public area if they believe that person threatens their safety, but it does so without explicitly defining what constitutes a threat justifying the use of such deadly force.
Florida law already allowed people to shoot a potential attacker in their home, place of work or car. But before this law went into effect, the courts insisted that you at least made an effort to get away before you used deadly force.
Well not anymore.
Of course republican legislatures in Florida are wording it like, “I am meeting force with force, if I am being threatened why do I have to try to flea” like this a manhood issue or something.
And until more level headed American citizens start to publicly and unapologetically check these moral retards on things like this, that kind of propaganda is going to continue to get bad laws like these on the books.
And you know how hard it is to get a law off the books once it is already there.
No matter how bad of a law it is.
Try to get this law off the books and see how many Republicans will try to paint you as being pro-crime.
I don’t think you can leave it up to people to use their own definition of threat.
As a black man, I am not stupid. I know how black people are generally perceived in American society. I can’t help but think that if I am in Florida the chances of me getting shot by some nervous white man just for asking for the time just increased 20 fold because at that moment, he thought I was tapping them on the shoulder to ask for his wallet.
He wasn’t taking any chances after all, I am black.
Once I am dead, sprawled out on the pavement they can tell the police anything he wants about how threatening I was before he put six in my chest.
Forget about charging him with murder. He felt threatened. That’s all he needs to say for it to be within the law.
Some clerk at retail outlet could feel threatened by some belligerent customer pointing and yelling at him across the customer service desk. They see that customer in the parking lot after their shift is over and blow them away if the argument ensues out there.
I felt threatened.
Before they would’ve had to at least show that they tried to walk back into the building to get security before they killed them..
Not anymore.
Well what if I shoot both of them first because I felt threatened by their behavior that they would draw down on each other, pulling their weapons, missing each other horribly, hitting innocent bystanders, namely me, so I just cut through all of that and shot them both first?
My point is that people “feel threatened” all the time, sometimes by legitimate reasons but sometimes by not so legitimate reasons.
Sure at the time they felt they were legitimate but society can’t afford those kind of lapses in judgment.
Its already bad enough that we have cops tazing little girls while they are handcuffed in the backseat of squad cars and shooting deaf kids on the front lawn of their foster home for refusing a direct order to" turn around with your hands on top of your head."
And those are the professionals. Those are the guys and gals trained to fight bad guys. Now Florida's gave every 75 year old, weekend bingo grandma with a 200 saturday night special the right to go downtown now and take out anyone that she feels is looking at her AARP card the wrong way.
This law doesn’t give room for the distinction between “feeling threatened” enough to use potentially deadly force and “feeling threatened” that you might get your feelings hurt.
And that could be a problem.
Before this law went into effect, gun owners had to at least show that they tried to avoid the confrontation before they open fired on someone.
Evidently that was too much trouble.
Now literally, if you get into an argument with someone in public you have the law on your side to bring out your heat.
Obviously conservatives says that finally the law is on the law-abiding citizen’s side, when before it benefited the criminal.
Liberals say that everyone needs to be careful what they say and do in Florida because any disagreement with anyone could potentially turn into an open gun battle between “law abiding” Floridians in the middle of the fairway. Not to mention all the other law abiding Floridians catching ricochets and what not who might be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
What I find disturbing is that conservatives have that much faith in the common man, that the average law abiding citizen, who thought trying to avoid confrontation before blowing someone away was too much trouble is now going to show Mother Teresa like restraint when the law says that he can shoot first at anyone he finds “threatening”?
The profile of that first guy doesn’t match the profile of the second guy and they are supposed to be the same person.
The Florida tourism department is angry at posters warning people not to get into any confrontations of any sort while visiting Florida saying that it is pushing a political agenda.
Of course the Washington DC-based Brady Campaign to Control Gun Violence group that paid for the Ad responded "I can't understand why anybody would be opposed to telling visitors what the law is," said Brady Campaign spokesman Peter Hamm. "No state in America has ever passed a law like this one."
The Brady Campaign is "not telling anybody that they shouldn't visit Florida. My family and I vacation in Florida every Easter and were intending to do so. But I'm going to make sure that none of the people in my family get into a loud argument while we are there," he said.

Source: Attention: testy visitors risk being shot in Florida, Associated Press, September 29, 2005
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