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Man Who Was Raped Daily In Prison Says Authorities Did Nothing

CocoJust in case you forgot…
Prison is hell.
Maybe literally.
According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, when the physical body dies, the soul which is immortal, moves into what is called the Second Bardo after rejecting the first Bardo.
In this place known as the Second Bardo the soul is eventually shown six worlds, with each world appealing a certain vice.
What determines which world you will be drawn to is a combination of your Karma and the nature of your character.
If you are materialistic, there is a place for you.
If you are lustful there is an orgy world for you.
If you are a selfish, opportunistic, violent predator there is a place for you too.
Well out of these six worlds or lokas there is one world that is a very hellish like place, where the people who find themselves in this world are drawn there because they are selfish, only think of themselves, live by a dog eat dog set of values and ethics and they are mixed in there together with other souls that are just like them and spend the rest of eternity fighting it out in a world where everyone is just like them.
If there is one theme in the Tibetan Book of the Dead it is that your character creates your own afterlife.
Everything is setup for you to face who you are as a person, both literally as well as figuratively.
In this hellish world, especially reserved for this particular type of individual you can trust no one.
Everyone is always looking for what is best for them and them only. Everyone believes “might makes right” and so they are constantly stabbing and trying to kill one another, but here is the catch, no one ever dies. Even from wounds that appear to be fatal wounds, no one dies because it is all an illusion.
The people in the middle of all of this can’t see it for what it is. They only grow more and more frustrated with the fact that they are completely surrounded by people that are trying to take what is there’s 24 hours a day seven days a week without giving a moment to rest or hide or anything.
But to be rescued from this place all they have to do is ask to be helped and they are whisked away.
Sadly, most never leave because they never ask for help. They can’t see that it is all an illusion and that they are in fact dead.
You’d think seeing people walking around with a hole about the size of a grapefruit in their chest would tip them off but apparently their minds are on more important things than recognizing the obvious.
They are totally and utterly consumed between the idea that they have to kill to protect what is there’s and taking advantage of whomever they see as being weak and vulnerable.
So if a place like this exists, and that we are drawn to it by our character, why couldn’t we have a place like this on earth that resembles this hellish Loka described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead that is reserved for what we would call sociopathic predator individuals?
I believe we already do.
We call it prison.
"Was Mr. Johnson considered a member of the Gangster Disciples?" one of Mr. Johnson's lawyers asked the witness, whose name was withheld by the court because his testimony could subject him to retaliation.
"No," said the witness, a soft-spoken, perfectly bald and quite imposing black man in a prison uniform and shackles.
"What was he considered?" asked the lawyer, Jeffrey Monks.
"Property," came the reply.
Do you have any idea what a “free world homosexual” is?
Good because that was trick question. If you had said “yes” then I have a few more questions for you.
A “Free world homosexual” is a homosexual that is considered a woman by the other prisoners.
I am of the belief that you shouldn’t know things like that unless you’ve been in prison or you’ve come across that term in an article like you just did.
Mr. Roderick Johnson, a former inmate at Allred Unit and a former “free world homosexual” is suing the prison for failing to protect him while he was incarcerated there from daily, yeah I said “daily rapes”.
The Gangster Disciples used to sell Johnson for 3 to 7 dollars a pop, every single day, seven days a week to anyone that could come up with the cash.
This went on for a solid 18 months.
They even renamed him “Coco”.
When asked if Mr. Johnson had a choice in the matter, a choice of whether or not he wanted to have sex or not, the convict that was sitting on the witness stand reportedly just gave a slight little smile and replied,
"You'll be beaten until you say yes," the witness said. "He'd be beaten, stabbed, whatever."
The prison’s position is that if Mr. Johnson didn’t want to be raped he could have put up more of a fight.
Sound familiar?
Jimmy Bowman, a defendant in this lawsuit claimed that Johnson wasn’t credible because he didn’t resist enough. I guess that means he must’ve wanted it, right?
Since Johnson was a homosexual, and a very effeminate homosexual to boot, it wasn’t that bad for him. At least not as bad as he is letting on.
"Sometimes an inmate has to defend himself," Mr. Bowman said. "We don't expect him not to do anything."
Apparently Johnson wrote seven letters to prison officials requesting to be moved to a safer unit but evidently being raped daily didn’t constitute a grave enough danger as protective unit reserved for police officers convicted of crimes, former gang members.
Richard E. Wathen, an assistant warden, testified in court that there was nothing in Mr. Johnson's seven written pleas for help that warranted moving him to what prison officials call safekeeping.
I guess he failed to mention in each letter that he was getting prostituted and raped every single day.
Maybe all he complained about in his letters was that he was fed up washing underwear and socks and how it is impossible to get his hair done properly with only the 15 minutes they are given to shower and wash every morning.
Maybe. But I doubt it.
He is suing the state of Texas saying that what he endured constituted cruel and unusual punishment as prison officials literally did nothing to see to it that the daily raping would stop.

Source: Inmate Was Considered 'Property' of Gang, Witness Tells Jury in Prison Rape Lawsuit, New York Times, September 25, 2005
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"According to the complaint, Johnson appeared before the prison unit's all-white classification committee seven times asking to be placed in safe keeping from predatory prisoners. Instead of protecting Johnson, the lawsuit charges, the committee members taunted him and told him he needed to learn to fight."

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