So just how exaggerate were reports coming from New Orleans?
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

How do we get to the point where we are hearing about Black street gangs are running amuck in the Superdome, indiscriminately killing people and raping babies to finding out that the truth was that only six people ended up dying total throughout the entire ordeal?
Of the six people that died in the Superdome, four died of natural causes, one from a drug overdose and another took a swan dive off
the roof.
Not one was killed by black gang members running rampant in the Superdome.
No one has come fourth about their little child being gang raped by one of these terrible black street gangs either.
A doctor showed up with a refrigerated 18-wheeler prepared to remove 200 + victims from this crowd that was reduced to this animalistic state and he walked out of that facility with six people.
He could’ve gotten away with bringing a Honda Civic with the air-condition on.
The National Guard showed up at the Convention Center with 1000 armed troops to secure what he had been told by New Orleans SWAT was now under control of one of those animalistic gangs running rampant.
They secured the entire facility in 20 minutes and met absolutely no resistance.
The worst hurricane in recent memory comes ashore in Louisiana and literally wipes an entire US city of the map and the murder rate didn’t go up not by one single victim.
On average the city of New Orleans has four murders a week, and it still is pretty sad they even hit their number during the week New Orleans was underwater.
Actually that is very sad.
I know it is sad that they still were able to hit their numbers even though the city was underwater but nevertheless it was a far cry from the reports we were all getting.
What about how people were trying to shoot down rescue helicopters and all of these berserker crack heads that were wading through the streets killing anyone that crossed their paths?
So where did these reports come from?
Suspect number one: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin: …the crowd had descended to an "almost animalistic state". "Hundreds of armed gang members" are killing and raping inside the Superdome.
Suspect number two: Police chief Eddie Compass: “babies are being raped in there…”
And what about the National Guards man that we all heard that was shot by these Black gangs that were ruling at the Superdome and the Convention Center?
Well he actually did get shot, but it was because he accidentally shot himself in the commotion after someone hit him in the head with a piece of metal.
So what America got out of this was this picture of these poor, black masses of flood victims resorting to degeneracy...and we all believed it and ate it up.
Maybe there was a racism angle to this story the whole time but the press just jumped on the wrong one. The whole time the story was about whether or not the people of New Orleans were in this position because they were black, poor and disenfranchised. When the real racism story should’ve been why we all took these stories of depravity hook line and sinker and just ran with them.
Like it was truth self-evident that once the law disappears niggers go on the nut.
Even white apologists, and yeah they are still out there, made excuses for the alleged lawlessness, instead of questioning it.
No, as liberal, open minded and accepting as they claim to be they presumed the stories to be true and just started making excuses for it.
”…well you know when your poor and black and racism is on your shoulders you might do the same thing in those circumstances…”
What? Rape babies?
What kind of racism makes someone rape a child?
Maybe this did show black America what America really does think about them. They thought it showed that the government doesn’t place them very high on their priority list because they’re black.
Maybe what this showed was that America thinks that blacks are by nature criminals and the veil of civility that they wear is only held together by law and order.
Think about it.
same difference
Katrina Did What Had To Be Done
As you know, I am not in this to win any popularity contests. I have one word for New Orleans…Move.

Source: Violence in New Orleans 'wildly exaggerated', Associated Press, September 28, 2005
"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator, 8bm.com

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