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A H5N1 Outbreak Could Kill 200,000 Americans in 90 days

Bird flu or Avian Flu kills 55% of the people that catch it. Humans have no natural immunity to it and scientists say that this disease could do more damage in the end than smallpox, AIDS or anthrax.
So what we are doing about it?
Well the only place in the world that manufactures a treatment for bird flu is a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland called Roche and their drug is called Tamiflu.
The United States Government with a population of nearly 300 million only have about 2 million doses to distribute throughout our population.
FEMA says by its most conservative estimates about 200,000 Americans would die from bird flu in just the first 90 days.
Oh why oh why do I get the feeling that we are going to get kicked in the teeth with this sort of stuff?
Scientists are comparing this to the Spanish Influenza outbreak of 1912 which reduced the life expectancy of the Americans alone by like 10 years.
Evidently in the case of the Spanish Influenza people were dying within like 3 days of catching it.
They say that when this bird flu thing finally graduates to jumping from human to human instead of just from bird to human, not if but when it does, nearly 1 billion people world wide will finally know once and for all which religion was right about all of it, if any.
According to ABC news health officials in London are quietly trying to acquire more morgue space. Laurie Garrett, a senior fellow on global health policy at the Council on Foreign Relations said, "this is the most lethal flu we know of that has ever been on planet Earth affecting human beings."
”What's scaring us is that this constellation of H number 5 and N number 1, to our knowledge, has never in history been in our species. So absolutely nobody watching this has any natural immunity to this form of flu."
Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy said that when Bird Flu hits the United States, "We will run out of caskets literally within days."
As bad as it sounds I guess it can’t kill everybody right?
Well I guess technically it could.
What will really suck is being a vegan and dying of this bird flu. Had they helped the world eat more chickens maybe we wouldn’t be having this problem.
It will also suck for all of those people who have been working their asses off and eating right trying to get in shape to live long healthy productive lives only to come down with this mess.
Source: Avian Flu: Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic?, ABCnews, September 16, 2005
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