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Bill Clinton Global Initiative Project Collect 1.2 Billion
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

This is more than a photo op, more than business as usual."
- Bill Clinton

Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which brought together 800 A-list politicians and thinkers, many of whom committed -in writing- to do something specific to improve the world. The three day-event which Clinton promises to hold annually, raised a remarkable 1.2 billion in pledges for aid programs, with more expected in the coming days. – Time Magazine September 26, 2005

Where was the Ronald Reagan Global Initiative or any like organization with designs on making the world a better place?
Where is the George Bush Sr. Global Initiative or any like organization with designs on improving the lives of people?
Where was the Richard M. Nixon Global Initiative project or any like organization with designs on ending debt in the third world?
Where is Jimmy Carter….? Wait, he is probably in some Central American country somewhere irrigating water to some village with a shovel, his own bare hands and two dozen men and women from the impoverished village he is helping bring clean water to.
Well let him slide.
As much as the Republican Party talks about being the party of freedom and tossing patriotic images in front of our faces on their television commercials, as often as they take us into military conflict to bring democracy to some back ass part of the world, how come you don’t see them actually going into these countries to make sure that there are fair elections taking place the way Jimmy Carter often does with the watchdog groups once they leave office?
If Bush cares so much about the welfare and freedom of the Iraqi people let’s see if he takes one step into that place once he is out of office to see how all of his hard work has been making out.
That would be a rhetorical question. That was sarcasm.
I cannot think of a single former Republican US president that has done anything after they've gotten out of office but golf.
Well that’s not true. Once a world wide catastrophe like 1 million people perishing under a tsunami of Biblical proportions hit Asia, Dubya was able to get his dad to do a few commercials pledging for money. I am not trying to belittle what he did but it’s funny that, this is what it takes.
That seems to be the key to getting a Republican to cooperate is to have a natural disaster of biblical proportions.
Sure they won’t spare a word telling you that you should trust in God, how much they love God and or how good it feels to be saved from Armageddon by the lord, but to actually try sparing us the words and instead being generous with their time, money and hard work for a change, well that isn’t what Republicans do.
No, maybe because they are so convinced that Christ is going to return any day soon, the world and the people in it just aren’t worth saving.
Why put in all of that work for something that could be gone tomorrow?
And as for saving lives, that isn’t their responsibility, that is up to Christ, so let him worry about feeding you.
Maybe he can do that bread and fish trick again for ya.
Well that logic would work if they also spent their money and invested their money like Christ could be returning any day, but they don’t do that.
They spend their money and invest their money like they are well aware of the long haul and that they plan to be there, prosperous and on top financially for a long time.
There is nothing wrong with that don't get me wrong. But Republicans really need to come correct when they try to act like they are interested in helping someone.
They are all altruistic when they are running for office and all about their golf game once they leave office.
For all of Bill Clinton’s personal shortcomings, and I am talking about his well documented discursions with the “cows” that he seems to be partial to, publicly he is as close to my idol as another human being can get.
Bill Clinton is like the white male version of Oprah Winfrey.
I would love to be able to do that someday. I would love to be able to organize 800 thinkers dedicated to getting down to the root of problems and encouraging people to be to the task of actually solving them instead of simply placing a band-aid on them like we so often do.

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Source: Verbatim, Time Magazine, September 26, 2005