Pope Benedict XVI Greets Exorcist At Exorcist Convention
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Pope Benedict XVI recently spoke briefly at a exorcist convention that was meeting in Rome, Italy. He told them that they were “doing important work in the service of the church” and to keep up the good work.
I didn’t know that exorcist had conventions.
Shit, I doubt many people did.
Even Pope John Paul II before he died personally oversaw the rewriting of the ritual for exorcisms after one he tried to perform on a young woman failed miserably.
Maybe he felt they need to add harsher language, maybe a few four letter words to the ritual to show that the mean business.
The details of the convention where Pope Benedict
spoke were not released publicly, and probably for good reason. Details like those would be probably scare the shit out of most us that always assumed that people that hear voices are schizophrenic.
I know it’s probably just me, but I have to ask.
Doesn’t Pope Benedict XVI remind you of Senator Palpatine? I am tempted to put their pictures side by side to prove that there is a resemblance.
I would convert to Catholicism if he would agree to say one sentence for me, “release your anger young Jedi...”
I know Sith always come in twos and if he is looking for an apprentice an exorcist convention is probably the place to look.
Because if you consider that it is the standing operating procedure of the Catholic church to make sure that a qualified medical physician has written off there being any mental illness involved with said patient before they call an exorcist in, these guys are chanting, dancing and waving amulets providing entertainment for demonic entities nearly every single day of their lives.
These guys are looking evil in the kisser every single day that they go to work. If anyone isn’t going to freak out when they discover that the universal Bishop is also a Sith Lord in disguise, it would be one of them.
Not at all unlike how a male stripper with the stage name “Anaconda” would enjoy a degree of popularity among the bachelorette party circuit if they could live up their name, I am sure Exorcist also have reputations within the demonic community and enjoy a similar level of popularity depending on if they can live up to their names.
People of all races, all ethnic groups, all cultures and all religions all over the world report this phenomenon of demonic possession.
And although all religions claim to be the “one true religion” not one of them has cornered the market on successfully dispelling demons.
In other words, ordering a demon to leave a little girl “by the name of Christ” seems to be just as effective as ordering the demon to leave a little girl “by the name of Elegua”, the African God of opportunity who is partial to cigars, rum and is good with children.
So demons, regardless of what particular religious experience we subscribe to, all seem to find their way back to where ever they come from whenever someone evokes the name of the popular deity of the week.
They either will leave or they won’t.
We have to be fair here. Sometimes exorcisms fail. The reason why? Your guess is as good as mine.
My guess is that when the people are faking it, exorcisms work.
When people are really possessed, they don’t.
One thing is for certain, the Catholic Church has been insistent that a qualified medical physician examine the possessed person before they even begin to consider bringing in an authorized exorcist to deal with the issue.
Well its clear isn’t it? It’s because being possessed by “the devil” and being “mentally ill” must be practically indistinguishable to the untrained eye.
How is a priest qualified to tell you if the voices that you hear in your head are the result of a chemical imbalance or the result of an otherworldly entity?
If you were levitating off the ground, if the bedroom curtains were catching on fire for no reasons whatsoever every time you walked into a room and words were appearing in Aramaic all over your body in the form of scars, why would a priest feel the need to consult a man of science and medicine to rule out mental illness?
The fact is he wouldn’t.
Exorcisms are that dramatic. There is a gap here people between Hollywood and reality. To some uneducated backwater hick demonic possession is easier to understand than complicated talk about chemical imbalances, not to mention an exorcist is a lot cheaper than a trip to the city and a few weeks in the hospital.
But talking about demonic possession has got me thinking about where this conversation should’ve began in the first place, why would an entity want to possess a person in the first place?
M. Scott Peck, American psychiatrist and author once wrote that “evil people attack others rather than facing their own failures”.
Well, this might actually explain the phenomenon of demonic possession, at least in part, because demons are by definition just Angles that got cast out of heaven by God out of spite for siding with Satan over him.
So instead of facing their own shortcomings they would rather jump into people’s bodies, make them curse and jump around the house in their pajamas spit pea soup across the room.
Peck also came to the conclusion while he was researching exorcisms that demonic possession is a “genuine phenomenon” distinct from people who are evil in and of themselves.
Leave it up to Indians to have a radically different take on this “genuine phenomenon” of being possessed by a demon.
While everyone else in the world generally considers it a “bad thing” to speak in languages that you couldn’t speak in prior to being invaded by a malevolent entity, performing feats of superhuman strength and saying just totally inappropriate things to people about the Virgin Mary and other like deities generally held in high regard, and cowering at the sight of a cross, Hindus don’t fall into that camp.
Big surprise.
No, when someone is possessed in India they consider it “holy” and people actually seek you out, worship you and ask you for blessings.
It’s a nice gig in India.
But only if the entity doesn’t leave after a while, because once it has over stayed its welcome, the family will call in the village exorcist, who is armed with neem leaves and will commence to beating the shit out the person with those neem leaves to get the entity to find someone else for them to worship for a month of two.
Maybe I am just a cynic but I am willing to bet no one calls for the village exorcist until something they asked the entity for doesn’t come to pass, and that is when they send in the dude with the neem baseball bat to “ask the entity to leave” and let it know that under no uncertain circumstances their services are no longer required.
same difference

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Source: Vatican: The Importance Of Being An Exorcist, Nytimes.Com, September, 15, 2005
"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator, 8bm.com

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