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Are militant vegan groups to blame for animal diseases jumping species?
I’m starting to get really suspicious about all of these diseases turning up in the meats.
Pretty soon the Chinese aren’t going to be able to eat anything that doesn’t swim.
First, it was bird flu.
Now, it’s Streptococcus suis.
Never heard of it. Don’t feel bad. Most people haven’t. In fact, although its not uncommon in pigs, humans contracting it was virtually unheard of.
Until now.
Thailand had 20 cases last year.
This June, China has reported 200 cases in the last 60 days killing 39 of them.
Suddenly dozens of people in China have caught this disease that causes nausea, fever, vomiting and bleeding under the skin, all at once.
Dozens of people catching a super rare disease all at once?
The explanation floating around is that this disease has mixed with some other kind of bacteria or virus in China and that is how it is infecting humans now.
Another explanation is that our over use of anti-biotics are making these diseases bizarro strong and giving it legs enough to jump from animals to us highly resistant to treatments.
Oh, and how is this one for a kick to the nuts? So few people have actually studied this disease that one of the leading experts, Marcelo Gottschalk who works at the University of Montreal in Canada says he isn’t even sure how anyone in China could have identified what they were dealing with, since so few people have ever bothered to study it.
So far there have been no instances of Streptococcus suis being transmitted from person to person, yet.
Could it be possible that some of these vegan groups could have customized these diseases to discourage us from eating meat?
Why would they do something like that?
Because they don’t like us eating meat and they are insane?
I mean they have already said that killing scientists that run experiments on animals would be morally justified.
Is it so far fetched an idea to suppose that they have learned to take diseases that already exist in animals and get them to jump species in order to achieve their goal of converting all of us into strict vegans?
I can’t get the film of 12 Monkeys out of my head.
Source: Humans Dying of Pig Disease a Concern, associated Press, August 3rd, 2005
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