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Gamer kills gamer over theft of virtual sword
I met my latest girlfriend online on one of those online match making services.
Although she initiated our first meeting she was really apprehensive about it. She had never gone online to meet anyone in her life and her stereotype of people who do go online and meet people is pretty severe.
As much as I tried to emphasize to her that not all online people are the same it was stories like these that kept her wary.
There is this online game called Legend of Mir III that is huge in Shanghai. Well apparently in this game you can acquire some pretty rare weapons.
Well one weapon called a Dragon Saber is one of these such weapons.
Well one player Qiu Chengwei, 41, allegedly stabbed another player Zhu Caoyuan, like stabbed him in real life, because Zhu sold Oiu’s virtual Dragon Sabre for $871 real dollars after his virtual character let Zhu’s virtual character borrow it in the game.
Now before this nerd war escalated to actual blood being spilled in real life, Qiu went to the real police and asked if he could press real charges against Zhu for stealing his property.
The police who probably laughed at him, told him to his face that the theft didn’t count by law because it wasn’t real property.
As in real life. The sword doesn’t really exist. Its just a bunch of computer code.
Yeah yeah yeah. Qiu had heard enough.
So that is when Qiu took matters into his own hands.
Apparently before Zhu was air holed he told Qiu he would give him the $871 bucks that he got for selling the sword to some loser that actually paid $871 for it, but Qiu got tired of waiting.
Asian drama is even starting to show its ugly head even among the non-nerds as professors at law schools in China are weighing in on the issue.
"The armors and swords in games should be deemed as private property as players have to spend money and time for them," said Wang Zongyu, an associate professor at the law school of Beijing's Renmin University of China.
Whoa. This looks like it might be a touchy subject.
So because you spend time and money on something that makes it property?
Hmm, I will mention that to my girlfriend and see how well that goes over.
Look, um, I’ve been thinking and seeing that I pay for dinner a lot when we go out and I spend like every weekend with you, by my definition I would say that I pretty much own you.
I understand that you are putting a lot of time and money into this game, but I fail to understand how that could make anything you acquire in the game property.
It is still just a game. It still isn’t real.
And yeah I know, what is reality? Isn’t reality the only word in the English language that should always be used in quotes?
Well whoever said that line said it before Qiu and Zhu started killing each other over +2 Dragon Sabers.
If you elect to spend your time and money playing the game and that is fine but time and money alone doesn’t make something actual property.
Source: Gamer slays rival after online dispute, China Daily, March 30, 2005
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