Plot To Kill 50 Cent On Hold For Now
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

Ok, maybe Fiddy isn’t just paranoid.
I would think that any entertainer who never leaves his home without his bulletproof vest is either paranoid or well, that’s about it, paranoid.
There is no way that I would be involved with the “dirty side of life”, whether currently or formerly and make it public that I knew anything about anything.
My image would be that of the last guy that you would expect to be involved in that sorta of thing, but in rap music, being dirty is a badge of honor. Not to mention it helps sell records.
But the violence and the connection to crime is so real that the NYPD has even created a entire unit just to monitor the rap music scene.
Rap music is just the latest incarnation of America’s love affair with the criminal element.
We make folk heroes out Frank and Jesses James, Bonnie and Clyde, Billy the Kid, Al Capone, John Dillinger and those are just the sociopaths. Let’s not even get into the serial killers and psychopaths.
I don’t know what it is about our culture but we hate cops and we love people that thumb their noses at government, law enforcement and prey on common everyday folks to get ahead.
That is, unless they are preying on you. Then you want some justice and want to know why they are allowed to walk the streets.
50 Cent, arguably the biggest name in rap today actually took the name 50 Cent from a sociopath that lived in his neighborhood that went by the nickname 50 Cent.
The real 50 Cent was allegedly connected to no less than about 30 murders in New York, but never did a day of time in jail for a single one of them.
My guess is that Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent the entertainer never had a brother, sister, uncle or cousin that was murdered by the sociopath 50 Cent, otherwise I doubt he would’ve wanted to take that name on as his own.
Federal prosecutors are claiming that they have uncovered an actual plot to kill 50 Cent involving New York drug kingpin Kevin “Supreme” McGriff and several employees of the Murder Inc. record label.
Apparently all of this is over a song entitled “Ghetto Quran” that 50 Cent wrote for the album he did before anyone knew who he was.
According to Francis Mace, a special agent assigned to the US treasury department there might even be some fact behind the Internet rumor that death of Jam Master Jay of RUN DMC fame was connected to JMJ ignoring an apparent “blacklisting” of 50 Cent by the hip hop music community that was imposed after 50 released “Ghetto Koran” by McGriff and his associates.
"Law enforcement agents are investigating the possibility that [he] was murdered for defying the blacklist of 50 Cent," Special Agent Mace wrote in the affidavit.
So naturally I looked up the lyric to “Ghetto Quran” thinking to myself, “Ok I am going to read this lyric and get the low down on some shit.”
What could’ve 50 Cent possibly said in this lyric that would be worth people plotting to kill him?
Did he list all of their drug houses and when shipments were coming and going?
Did he give details about murders he knew about in Clue style, like Mr. McGriff, with a candlestick, behind the bleachers at the high school homecoming game?
I had to see for myself.
Well, all I walked away with from that lyric was that “Preme was the business man and Prince (whoever he is) was the killer, which I am sure wasn’t news to anyone but me.
When dealing with criminals, my guess is that it’s always best to know who the “killers” are.
According to special agent Mace, there is an ongoing plot to kill 50 Cent and in fact McGriff (Preme) who is sitting in prison on gun charges awaiting murder charges to be dropped on him, has being constantly kept in touch with 50 Cent’s whereabouts via paged conversations with Murder Inc. employees.
Damn, I thought they said he was in jail? People in jail have pagers and cell phones?
It is unclear if Irv Gotti aka Irving Lorenzo, who is also facing his own set of charges for allegedly laundering more than $1m of McGriff's drug money through his record label Murder Inc. is the employee who Preme was text messaging from jail.
But one thing all of this does is remind you of the shit life people like this live. Deceit, backstabbing, overbearing machismo, assassination attempts, all so you can drive expensive armor plated cars, wear expensive clothes under your bulletproof vests, drink and eat expensive foods that someone has to taste before you eat it and live in lavish homes surrounded by security and snipers in between during stints in maximum security prisons before it all catches up to you and your murdered before your 30th birthday.
Doesn’t sound like a nice trade off to me.

"Ghetto Quran (Forgive Me Pt. 1)"

Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
Southside, what y'all niggas know about the dirty south?
One time

Lord forgive me, for I've sinned
Over and over again, just to stay on top
I recall memories, filled with sin
Over and over again, and again

Yo, when you hear talk of the southside, you hear talk of the team
See niggas feared Prince and respected Preme
For all you slow muthafuckas I'm a break it down iller
See Preme was a business man and Prince was the killer
Remember, he used to push the bulletproof BM, uh huh
This here get ya seasick, I sat back and peeped shit
The roll with Easy Rider and they ain't get blunted
Had the whole projects workin for fifty on five-hundred
As a youth, all I ever did was sell crack
I used to idolize cat
Heart me in my heart to hear that nigga snitched on Pat, how he go out like
Rumors in the hood was ?? was snitchin
I ain't believe that, pa, he helped me cop my first GSX-R
Had the four-runner, the Z, the 5 and the 3
Used to drive his truck through the hood draggin jet skis
From Gerald Wallace to Baby Wise, don't be suprised
Of how freely I thought of names of games who dealt with pies
Like L-A-N-Y's, L got shot in the neck, then told us connect
Them niggas who shot 'em got 'em for ten bricks
Fuckin Dominicans, turned around and gave 'em more bricks


That first verse is just a dose of the shit that I'm on
Consider this the first chapter in the ghetto's Quran
I know a lot of niggas that get dough like Remmy and Joe
And Prince and Rightous from Hillside with the mole on his nose
Throughout my struggles through the hood, I started learnin
Life's a bitch, with a pretty face, but she burnin
Man I'm a get cheese like Chaz then run through wips like Cigar
Gamble all the time like country-curly head Prince and Tata
Po-po under pressure too, they know what they facin
Go against crews like B-Bo and killers like Patty Mason
A lotta niggas I know been corrupted since birth
Enticed to rob nuns for fun, for everything they worth
I know some cats that hail at old complexes like Cooley Wall
Together niggas stand and divided they fall
Round here, shook niggas they keep it in motion
Come around here with your rollie you can get robbed like Ocean
Lord knows, Tommy had loved and sold
Helicopters, Rolls Royces with Louie VaTonne interior
Might sound like I'm fantasizin, but son I'm dead serious
Montanna was no dummy, brought Benice to watch the money
Had money out the ass, he politic like the Asian
FEDs couldn't catch him dirty so settled for tax evasion


Yo, rest in peace to Rich and Ron, money what they was about yo
The twins was some queens but got crazy cream with Alpo
Throughout my time I heard tales of Himey, Frenchy, Jamaican Pauly, Ducky
Rodney Bump and Chick, shit
A lot a niggas flow the way I flow
but ain't been in the game all their life so don't know who I know
Writin rhymes is the best way I express how I feel
If I ain't rich by twenty-six, I'll be dead or in jail
Comin up I heard sippin to much booze'll leave you confused
And if you watch the news you see playas in this game that lose
I'm forgettin Lefty and Jazz, Pretty Tony and Lance
Head Lou, Mel son, Troy and E Money Bags
And a conversation over shrimp and lobster
And Benny Hiners heard Chico stopped boxin, and started robbin diners
Shout out to Clanvis and Clutch, Bob Dre, Black Will
If the flow don't kill you the Mac will


same difference

The part about rap beef and diss records we don’t talk about
That’s a little too "something" if you ask me. I can’t put my finger on it but let’s just say people that emotionally delicate make me nervous.

Who linked to my rap articles?
How has “before you judge a man, try to walk in his shoes” become so maligned that people think that I can’t make a statement coming out against rape, murder, assault, because of some imaginary pre-requisite that requires me to walk in the perpetrators shoes first?

Source: US investigators uncovered plot to kill rapper 50 Cent, Guardian, September 8, 2005
"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator, 8bm.com

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