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Japanese Text Books Still Prefer Disinformation Over Truth

I am not saying that they are coming from the same place, but the Japanese seem to have as many people there as motivated to teach their children that Japan wasn’t as bad towards their Asian neighbors throughout history as we think as we have in America pushing to get creationism taught in science class.
The educational school board of Japan’s central Shiga Prefecture said that they are going to use a textbook that whitewashes how fucked up Japan use to be toward China, Korea and everyone else before they provoked someone who turned out to be as equally ruthless as they were, and as a result, had not one but two atomic bombs dropped on them in a matter of days just to make a point.
Prior to Harry Truman taking a huge dry marker eraser and just wiping Hiroshima and Nagasaki off the face of the earth, the Japanese were the “white man of Asia”, leaving that island of theirs for one reason and one reason only and that was to bring the pain.
Not at all unlike how Germany just up and decided one day that the world would be a better place with them ruling it, and not at all unlike Napoleon before that, Japan had designs on ruling Asia ever since they figured out how to cross the Japan sea without swimming it.
Just like Hitler was the best thing that ever happened to the continent of Africa, distracting and bankrupting Europe just enough to force them to loosen their grip on their African colonies so that they could defend themselves against him, America bringing the pain to Japan in retaliation for Pearl Harbor was just what the doctor ordered for Asia, as disintegrating 80,000 people in a matter of seconds has seemingly cured Japan of their warmongering habits.
Japan’s crowning achievement during their pre-Hiroshima days was when they killed some 300,000 Chinese during the 1937 Nanking Massacre.
This text book owns up to the 1937 Nanking Massacre, "Japanese forces caused a large number of Chinese military and civilian personnel to die."
But apparently disputes the final numbers as a load of crap.
Only 48 of the 11,035 state and private schools in Japan elected to buy the book for the upcoming year. I guess the publisher was hoping that at least 10% of them would.
People tend to think that Hitler and Japan were working together somehow at trying to rule the world during WWII, but this really wasn’t the case.
It was almost purely coincidental that they were both trying to rule the world.
You see, Japan was always trying to rule the world. And when you are always on full Klingon mode if anyone else tries to rule the world you are just going to look like allies by default.
Source: Central Japanese prefecture to use controversial history textbook, www.chinaview.cn, Xinhuanet, August 01, 2005
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