Bush and his permanent vacation

If I am not mistaken Dubya has taken more vacation time in his term as president then any other president in American history, or at least he will very soon. That is a fact.
Now I know that appearances can be deceiving, but is it just me or does it seem like every time they ask that bastard to do something he is always cutting a vacation of his short?
The news was reporting that Bush had to cut his vacation short again to come back to Washington DC to meet with Pentagon officials about this hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans.
I’m not sure how exactly the meeting will benefit with him there, that is unless they need his signature on things to get the ball moving on some things. I seriously doubt that anyone is going to defer to his expertise on any matter that they bring up in that room.
What drives me to write this site, what has always driven me, is the lack of putting things together that I find in the media.
Its like they are sitting there with all the pieces to the puzzle all around them but no one wants to put it together.
How can they constantly report how Bush has to do this or that after he cuts his vacation short or puts this off until after he gets off vacation but never mention how much this guy has been on vacation?
I know. If they mentioned that little fact they will be bombarded with phone calls and what not of people accusing them of liberal bias for even bringing it up.
And so in an effort to not appear like the liberal media at work again they choose to ignore it and not make the connection.
So they can say "President Bush is returning to Washington to oversee the federal response to Hurricane Katrina as aides make arrangements for an expected visit to storm-ravaged areas of the Gulf Coast later this week" but I guess it would be inappropriate to mention he was on vacation AGAIN.
It’s amazing that he wasn’t on vacation when 9-11 happened. Its almost like he wants to be out of Washington so he can have an alibi when the shit hits the fan.
Like he can say, “hey, its not my fault, I wasn’t even in the office that day.”
According to the Washington Post, Dubya has taken 250 days off for vacation since August of 2003. That is 27% of his entire presidency.
He has taken 49 trips to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. His spin doctors are saying that he does this so he can get away from Washington and connect with the everyday common American.
Here is the other spin I am reading, “the oval office is anywhere the president is…”.
Clinton only took 152 days off in the seven years that he was president. The oval office was anywhere Clinton was at as well. Except for he never really tested that theory since he was actually at the office.
Bush acts like since he has a cell phone and high speed internet access that he doesn’t have to go to work.
He wasn’t expected back to the office until after Labor Day but Hurricane Katrina kinda made him cut that short and go back to Washington.
But I am confused as to why he needed to go back to Washington. I thought the oval office was anywhere he was at?
From everything we are hearing out of the spin doctors he is actually working while he is on his ranch at Crawford, Texas clearing away brush, chopping wood, choking on pretzels and falling off his bike.
Ronald Reagan took 335 days off in the 7 years he was president but Jimmy Carter only took 79 days off in the four years that he was president which put him on pace to match or at least come close to how many days Clinton took off.

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Source: Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record, The Washington Post, Wednesday, August 3, 2005 

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