Aborigine used boomerang to subdue and rape his promised wife

You know, when you take someone over, I think it’s probably best that you just do it completely. Don't half ass it. I am talking the winner installs everything.
New courts. New language. New Norms. Everything.
It’s just too awkward to maintain two different set of values, one modern and one old world.
Here is a great example from the Sydney Morning Herald.
In the West, or even in Western colonies like Australia we don’t believe in having sex with children under the age of 16.
It’s not only against the law, but generally considered to be taboo.
And with good reason. Adults, by way of experience have just too many tools at their disposal to take advantage of kids. The main reason is that adults have the advantage of having been kids once. They know how kids think. Kids, not having the benefit of ever being adults can be woefully susceptible to manipulation by adults.
Well an Aboriginal elder used his boomerang to knock a young 14 year old in the back of the head knocking her semi-conscious and then anally raped her because she was trying to run away from him.
Apparently she was his “promised wife”.
Well that is against the law in Australia, well our law at least. But according to Aboriginal law, which is what this guy was working under, his actions including the hitting her upside the head with a boomerang is entirely permitted under Aboriginal traditional law.
This deadeye boomerang tossing geezer was only sentenced to a month in jail for not only knocking her down with the boomerang but sodomizing the girl to boot and actually got an apology from the judge who acknowledged that this guys actions were totally permitted by his traditional laws and regretted having to jail him.
The judge took into account that this elder had no clue that territory law prohibited sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16.
He described the case as “complicated, reflecting a clash of laws, cultures and generations.”
I don’t know if it was a condition of his sentencing but during sentencing the elder abandoned his marriage claim to the girl who had been promised to him since she was four years old.
"Everyone in those communities, particularly Aboriginal men, must understand that women, children and other vulnerable groups in society have a right to be protected," Justice Brian Martin said after hearing the case during an under-the-tree session in the Yarralin community.
The Northern Territory Government just last year passed legislation banning traditional marriage as a defense against under-age sex.
When are people going to see how backwards the world used to be?
Because of the hustle and bustle of urban life, pollution, noise, crime and what not, we often times voluntarily allow ourselves to fall into this illusion that things are much better, much simpler in the native world.
Well it is. If you call simple pushing virgins into volcanoes and thinking a solar eclipse means that God is angry at you.
It’s simpler but also much more Klingon.
And if you like that sort of thing, by all means knock yourself out, or wait for an tribal elder who has designs on you to do it himself with his boomerang from 100 yards.
The ass pounding might be a little harsh but it’s completely permitted under Aboriginal law if that is any consolation.
Back in the day, women were legally viewed as property of men. The key word there is property.
Any and all respect you might see towards women in law was no different than the respect that you had to give to a man's home or his horse.
In the more modern area, generally speaking, we tend to look at women as being human beings which automatically disqualifies you as being someone’s property.
The further you go back in any culture, anywhere on this planet, this isn’t the case.
Just at the end of July of this year Kenyan diplomat Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor wrote Bill Clinton and offered him 40 goats and 20 cows for Chelsea’s hand in marriage.
That is what you did back in the day and still today in even more backwards areas of the world.
Ok, I need to quit saying backwards, how about I say, developmentally retarded areas of the world.
And I know some of you are saying, “Who are we to say we are so forward? We are destroying the ozone layer not the native people of Fuji.”
When I talk about being backwards I am almost always talking about how people treat other human beings, not how technologically capable they are.
Those people who act like we are just as Klingon as these people are, obviously have never been hit upside the head with a boomerang from 100 yards then sodomized you after he found you with a knot the size of an egg at the base of your skull, semi-conscious in the field where the boomerang laid you out.

Source: Month's jail for sex with girl, 14, Sydney Morning Herald, August 18, 2005
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