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Suge Knight Dodges Five Bullets Gets Hit With Sixth

I always thought it was suspicious that Suge was in the front seat with Tupac in a BMW 750 sedan when Tupac was killed and none of the bullets hit Suge.
Well, ok, one did graze him. That’s it. Tupac is shot four times and died from his wounds. Suge is grazed by a single bullet.
That didn’t sit right with me, until now.
All this time I have been thinking, how does a man who stands 10 feet tall and weighs 400 pounds not get shot while sitting next to a guy that stands 5’8 and weighs all of 145 pounds with all of his gold chains on?
Like I said, that didn’t sit well with me, until now.
Now I am fine with it.
I am going out right now to say on record that I don’t think that Suge Knight had anything to do with Tupac Shakur’s murder.
What I am suspicious of now is that Suge is plugged into the Matrix.
Look, I am not a gang banger, but I don’t see how someone could walk up to a table in the VIP room, standing 6 feet away from Suge’s big ass and miss him with five of six bullets.
If you can’t hit a guy that is essentially sitting in a booth how do you expect to shoot someone from a moving vehicle?
But like I said, evidently it isn’t anything all that special because Suge has done it before.
He isn’t like 50 cent who actually caught nine bullets and survived, Suge is actually dodging these shots.
Suge Knight was shot in the leg Sunday morning slash Saturday night while sitting in the VIP room at a party at the Shore Club hotel in Miami Beach. that was hosted by Kanye West.
From what we know some dude in a pink shirt just walked up to Suge and open fired at him while Suge sat at a table.
You wouldn’t think that Suge’s big Kwame Kilpatrick ass would be able to move the way he does, but he did it, not once but twice. He doesn’t have to do it three times for me to believe that it wasn’t a fluke.
As big as Suge Knight is, all this would-be-assassin managed to do is shoot him in the leg.
Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton and Eddie Murphy were in attendance and no doubt were along side everyone else running, screaming and clawing their way out of that joint after shots were fired.
What is actually scary is the fact that no one saw anything. Police are very frustrated because they can’t even get so much as a description of the guy who was missing Suge Knight with every shot he fired at him because no one will step up and give a description of him.
I’m thinking, “why not?” Why wouldn’t people want to step up and tell the police what they have seen?
"We don't have any physical description. We don't know how many subjects were involved, which is mind boggling, with all those people around," Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez told the newspaper.
Maybe they didn’t see anything because of how fast Suge was moving once he tapped into the Matrix and starting bouncing off the walls dodging the bullets.
Well the answer might be a little more complicated than that.
"It's disturbing that someone can let off six shots in a packed club and can escape without being arrested," said Elliott Wilson, editor in chief of the rap magazine XXL. "The hip-hop community doesn't trust the police to confide info to them, and in turn the police have done little to make us feel like they give a damn about our safety. It's a vicious cycle."
Maybe they don’t trust the police because they are always into some shit that they shouldn’t be involved in.
I dunno, that’s just a guess.
Maybe that is why you don’t give a description of the guy that missed Suge with 5 out of 6 shots. Because let’s say that the would-be-assassin turns out to be a hit man for a Colombian drug lord. Well then the police will ask the question, “Why does a Colombian drug lord want Suge Knight dead? What is the connection?” And in the rap world that translates into you telling people about Suge’s business and now he is coming after you.
And if you are a suburbanite like myself you thought you were doing a good thing by telling the police what you saw.
Part of me doesn’t blame the hip hop community for not trusting the police.
No one has even been arrested in Tupac’s murder, Biggie Smalls or Jam Master J's. The only reason they arrested the people that tried to kill 50 Cent before he was famous is because he survived and told the police who they were, and in the street world that was looked at as being a bitch.
To me that is what you are supposed to do. Someone shoots at me. If I survive, I am telling.
He was supposed to not tell the police, kill the guys himself and spend the rest of his life in jail like a real man.
I swear this is going to get to the point where people aren’t going to show up at a party with a rapper at it.
What’s the point? Jessica Alba could’ve caught a bullet in the grill because of Suge Knight and his beef with lord knows who?
Eddie Murphy could have caught a bullet in the ass running o ut of the club with his arms flailing around him because of rap beef?
And as for not trusting the police, that’s fine, but maybe that is why people are getting shot at these parties and not at the CMA after parties.

Source: Rap mogul Knight Shot in leg at Miami bash, Reuters, August 28, 2004/ Police Frustrated by Suge Knight Probe, Associated Press, August 28, 2005
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