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Girl Born Without A Face

The way the story goes it all went down like this. Jesus was running for his life to escape an angry crowd that had gathered at a temple. When he was being ushered out by his disciples they come across a blind man.
For whatever reason, they stopped running and looked at this blind man. That is when according to legend His disciples asked Jesus who had sinned, this man or his parents to cause him to be born blind.
Jesus answered that neither the blind man or his parents had sinned. According to legend, Jesus said something to the effect of “this guy is blind so I can perform this miracle on him so that I can be jocked by people until the end of time”, spat into some dirt, rubbed the dirt on the blind man’s face and when the blind man rubbed it off he could see.
The point of me mentioning this story is to point out that even back then, people just assumed that if bad things happened to you then you must’ve done something fucked up to deserve it.
There is no knowledge of how genetics work. No awareness of what you are supposed to eat or not eat, smoke or not smoke while you are pregnant.
"Pre-natal" wasn’t a word in anyone’s language.
Anything and everything could be explained away by either God liking you or God not liking you.
There is no coincidence that before every single time the Israelites in the Bible are taken over by some other peoples or they beget some tragedy there is always the mentioning of how out of favor they had fallen with God.
There is not one instance in the Bible where they mentioned how pissed of God was at them but yet they continued to be prosperous, victorious in battle and how powerful they had become.
A little girl, Juliana Wetmore was born in Florida that suffers from the worst case of Treacher Collins syndrome that doctors say that they have ever seen.
She basically doesn’t have a face. She is missing 40% of all the bones in her face.
She has no upper jaw, no cheekbones, no eye sockets, and she's missing the corner of her ear.
Now you are supposed to feel bad if you look at this girl and feel bad for the parents or immediately pray to God that this doesn’t happen to your child?
Isn’t that natural? Why is that wrong to feel that way? Why should you be ashamed to say, “damn I hope that doesn’t happen to me”?
I am sure that there isn’t a set of parents out there in the world that would want this to happen to their child.
Well that is the same thing that people did 2,000 years ago, its just that once again, the only choice they had in having some sense of control over their lives was sacrificing goats to get on God’s good side.
These parents said that they knew something was wrong before their daughter was born but that they thought the worst thing that was going to happen was that she was going to be born with a cleft lip.
Uh, no.
Juliana has to eat through her stomach, and she needs a trach tube to breathe. Although she is not even 2 years old yet she has already had 14 surgeries and could need up to 30 more.
Doctors have made a mold of her skull, or what little there is of her skull, and are working at trying to figure out ways to build her a working face.
Personally I believe they will and this girl will be all right. I know it looks pretty bad now but I have seen plastic surgeons do some pretty ghoulish things to normal looking people, I have full confidence that they can make this little girl look like a relative princess.
Now something like this is a hard to look at today. Imagine what they would’ve said about something like this back in Jesus’ day?
The point is that despite how your pastor tries to portray the ancient world, they didn’t know jack shit compared to us today.
They didn’t even have the benefit of the educated guess back then because, let’s just be honest, having an educated guess required an education and most didn’t even have that.
What they had were guesses, and we know all about those, your guess is as good as mine was not only true then but even more so than it is now.
See I am suspect of many of things that are attributed to Jesus as saying.
Like for example, I personally believe the part where Jesus looked at his disciples like they were morons and said, “No this guy isn’t blind because of some punishment from God” but I think all of that “he is blind so that God can make me look sweet” was were the Catholic ghost writers started taking a few liberties with the eagle feathers and ink.
I also think it is interesting that he was fleeing the temple from an angry mob. I think it is interesting because once again, if you let Reverend Falwell tell the story Jesus was the most popular guy since the dude that invented beer.
I think it is interesting that he wasn’t standing there at the temple engaging in a educational but spirited debate with these people.
I mean Jesus was God right? He barely spared a moment to perform a miracle, how about tossing a few well placed lightning bolts at the angry mob. That probably would have increased his disciples from 12 to about 60.
People would’ve said, “God or not, I want to be on whatever he is smoking.”
Obviously, Jesus wasn’t the most popular dude walking around Jerusalem, at least not in every circle.
Which would explain why Judas had to kiss Jesus on the cheek point out to the Jewish thugs that came and got Jesus when he was hiding out in the woods who Jesus even was.

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I can’t seem to find anything attributed to Jesus that is directly or indirectly addressing horrific medical abnormal phenomenon. That’s strange. I thought he covered everything.

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