Pro Herpes Rabbis Pressure NY Mayor

Michael Bloomberg is under pressure from ultra-Orthodox Jews to allow a rabbi to continue to perform a super ancient circumcision ritual that has been infecting Jewish babies with herpes when he performs on them.
Dozens of “pro-giving herpes to children ultra-Orthodox rabbis” say that they are concerned that banning this practice would be setting a “bad precedent”.
I guess saying that these rabbis are “pro-giving babies herpes” is like saying that pro-choice people are “pro-abortion or pro-life people are pro-women dying in back allies with clothes hangers jammed into their vaginas”.
Ok, maybe I am not being fair.
Maybe I am also a little naïve, but I don’t think anyone wants to see an outright ban a religious ritual, but at the same time no one should have a problem with banning an individual from performing a ritual.
I guess that is where I am coming from. When this story first broke out, the ultra Orthodox Jewish leaders didn’t even want to see this rabbi who was suspected in giving kids herpes even prevented from performing the ritual until the results of his tests came in.
What is more important here, the ritual or the health of the children he is placing his herpes infected mouth on?
I believe you have the right to practice your religion as you see fit.
Within reason that is.
I mean, you can’t push a different virgin into Mount St. Helens every morning to insure that the Sun rises the next day.
You’d be killing someone for Christ sakes.
I know from your perspective it’s all about the greater good. What is one virgin when you compare it to the entire world being tossed into darkness?
This guy we are talking about has herpes for crying aloud.
Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer of Rockland County gave herpes to a baby through the practice of metzizah b'peh – which is this an ancient circumcision ritual in which the rabbi is required to actually put his mouth on a infants cock to suck blood from the circumcision wound.
The baby later died.
And he didn’t get the herpes from the babies. Lord only knows where he got the herpes.
Even if we can forget how unholy it is to put your mouth on a bloody baby cock and then suck the blood out of it, he was still killing infants as a result of his herpes infected mouth.
This is a no brainer to me.
As far as I am concerned this feeding women to volcanoes.

Source: Mike caught in row over rabbi's herpes, New York Daily News, Friday, August 12th, 2005
same difference

Baby Dies After Rabbi Gave Him Herpes
I can’t think of a worse job. How many bloody cocks do you think this guy has to wrap his lips around in a week?

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