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Jimi Hendrix said he was addicted to masturbation to get out of Vietnam

The official story was that Jimi Hendrix got an ankle injury from a parachute jump gone bad and that is why he was on stage burning his guitar, fucking thousands of white women and smoking forests of marijuana in his brief 27 years of life when everyone else was wandering around in a jungle in south east Asia…
Well he was discharged. That much was true, but it wasn’t because of an ankle injury.
Apparently Jimi was discharged because he went the Maxwell Q. Klinger route to getting out of the service and insisted to his superiors that he was in love with one of his fellow soldiers and had become addicted to masturbating about him.
According to Charles R. Cross' new biography, "Room Full of Mirrors." Jimi didn’t have an issue with Vietnam, he didn’t even have an issue with escalating our involvement, he basically just wanted out of the service so he could play his music, which evidently was more important to him than defending this countries freedom.
That was what Vietnam was about right, defending American freedom?
That is what every conflict America involves herself in is about?
It isn’t?
Well where would I have gotten that idea?
So Jimi told the world that he was discharged because of an ankle injury parachuting but the Army has no record of such an injury. But they did have a letter of recommendation from Captain John Halbert citing his “homosexual tendencies” because as we all know there is something about sucking cock that prevents a man from shooting straight, dropping bombs on targets or just computer systems to launch targeted missiles.
Maybe that is why they won’t let women fight either.
Someone should really look into that.
What I would like to know is why didn’t the Army come out and say that wasn’t why he was discharged when they heard him telling people that he got discharged because of an ankle injury?
And when they heard him singing “Foxy Lady” why didn’t they bring him back in?

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Source: Book: Hendrix Used Gay Ruse to Avoid 'Nam, Associated Press, Mon Aug 1, 2005
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