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What do Americans really think about Dubya?

You know, after Bush won reelection last November a lot of fuss was made on the republican side of the aisle that the American people had sent a sweeping endorsement of the neo-con political agenda. That it was clear that President Bush now had a mandate from the American people to push all of the little things in Turd Blossom’s little blue book into fruition.
Well, if you can gather that from 51% of the American people voting you into office, then I guess you are better than me.
Remember, Karl Rove has insisted since the night Bush was reelected that democrats just don’t get it. According to him all Democrats are is just a coalition of blacks, homosexuals, Jews, the unmarried and the unreligious.
Evidently if you add all of that together you only get about 48-49% of the American population.
I mean, do Americans actually believe him when he speaks?
Do Americans really think he is an intelligent man?
Am I alone when I say that I think he is an idiot?
Well I am not sure that I am alone, but the same Associated Press poll that showed that his approval rating is now at 38%, a new low even for him, it also eluded to what Americans think about his intelligence.
Those Americans most likely to describe Dubya as an intelligent man were people over 65, those with a high school education or less, Midwesterners, Southerners, people who live in rural areas, Jesus freaks and married women.
You shouldn’t be surprised that when asked about whether or not he was also honest and or even likeable virtually the same groups raised their hands as well.
So people battling with senility, people with high school diplomas or less, people who live behind the back of God and those who find signs of the apocalypse in every strange cloud formation are most likely to see Dubya as being intelligent.
I wouldn’t have guessed that one.
For the most part the stereotype of Midwesterners and Southerners are that they are a hodgepodge of all of those things, kissing cousins if you will, with Southerners being more potent of the two.
I mean to be honest, I live just about 1 hour east of Jackson, Michigan where Ted Nugent lives, and I swear it would take an extremely trained eye to find evidence that you weren’t standing right in the center of Thomasville, Alabama 875 miles away.
Although southeastern Michigan holds like 65% of the entire population of the state, just don’t have to travel too far out from that area before you there is nothing around you but sticks, weeds, farms and trailer parks.
So what is it about being old, uneducated, rural and a evangelical that makes you think Bush is intelligent?
I may never know. I might not live long enough, I am too educated, I could move out to the sticks someday but the chances of me becoming evangelical anything is slim to none so Dubya’s brilliance will probably never reveal itself to me.

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Source: How different groups view the president and the nation's direction, Associated Press, August 5, 2005

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