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True Creationism makes intelligent design actually seem intelligent

Creationists are crazier than I thought.
Not only do they actually believe that God created the earth in six, 24 hour days, which in all actuality isn’t all that surprising, I mean, that is what most people believe creationists believe. But what most people don’t know is that they also believe that evolution couldn’t have happened because there was no such thing as death and disease until Adam and Eve sinned by eating from the Tree of Knowledge.
Ham, president of the Answers In Genesis (AiG) claims that his website gets 1.6 million visitors a month to hear this crap.
They recently had a Creationist Conference at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia and out of the 2,000 people that showed up, most with their entire families, the overwhelming majority were white, middle class to upper middle class people.
In my head, when I think of “conservatives” I think of middle to upper middle class white people. When I imagine a creationist convention the image of a multi-ethnic, multi-racial group is not what forms in my head. There aren’t any synaptic jumps established in my brain from believing that the earth is 6,000 years old and the people I would see at a middle management meeting for some fortune 500 company.
But maybe there should be.
At every one of these events you better believe that if anyone there has a college degree or a master’s degree they will ask them to stand up to try to debunk that image that these are stupid people, but anyone who has ever been to college can tell you that you don’t have to be “smart” to get a college degree.
College is training to get a job. In that regard, college is no different than any other vocational training you might have, its just training for different types of jobs.
I see no conflict whatsoever with someone having a master’s degree in business administration and believing that Adam and Eve had a pet Velociraptor named Whisky.
Apparently the hardcore creationists, which I have to now distinguish from those who believe in “intelligent design” theory, view intelligent design theorist as somewhat of sellouts.
Here is the hardcore creationist breakdown on how things occurred…
God created everything in six, 24-hour days
Then there is a period called the Lost World lasting 1700 years. During this time there were no big mountains, no plate tectonics whatsoever.
Then there came drunk ass Noah and the infamous Flood which lasted —370 days. During this time is when the flood created high mountains, deep oceans, sedimentary rocks, plate tectonics form continents.
Then we had the Ice Age—1000 years
And now we are in the Post Ice Age—3000 years and counting.
Oh yeah and fossils, well those aren’t millions of years old, they all came about by a process called “Flood hydrology”.
AiG President Ken Ham even as a children’s book where he has illustrations in it of Adam and Eve walking around playing with Dinosaurs which he claims continued to live in Europe as “dragons” until 1405 AD.
I can’t believe people are actually teaching their children this shit. He even has Hanna Barbara “Flintstone” style drawings inside of this book with people riding dinosaurs on saddles like they had domesticated them.
Well at least they acknowledge the existence of dinosaurs. I know some Jesus freaks that don't even give you that. Since the BIble didn't say anything about specifically about dinosaurs then they too are a creation of satan to distract you from the truth that is the Holy Bible.
Forget the fact that Sir Richard OWen coined the word dinosaur in 1842, years after the Bible was written.
You’ve got to understand that to these take every word in the bible literally people they live by the principle that if anything is the Bible is wrong then all of it is wrong. If anything in the Bible is true then all of it is true.
So if God created man, then man has a purpose in life. If man evolved by some process of natural selection between random environmental disasters and catastrophes then man has no purpose. We just exist. Morality, values and what not have no deeper purpose and we are one step away from anarchy.
To hell with all of it.
If thinking that Adam and Eve ate Brontosaurus burgers and went to drive in movie theaters where they showed the movies on the back of huge Pterodactyl wings, then knock yourself out.
But following that line of thinking goes against the very nature of science which is to be questioning and inquisitive about things.
Religion encourages you not to question, not to be inquisitive and not to seek answers.
If religion encourages you to be everything a scientist isn’t, then is it truly a mystery as to why scientist by nature aren’t taking, “because my priest said so,” as a valid answer?
Does it mean that scientists are amoral, burning in hell atheists that molest little children, drink too much and cheat on their taxes?
If you are going to say a prayer, it should be that one day Jesus freaks understand that the problem with man rests in our morals and our values not on whether or not we believe that everything in the Bible is literal.
You can believe that everything in the bible is literal and still be a jerk.
Plus is saves you from looking like an idiot.

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Source: Creation Summer Camp Live from the 2005 Creation Mega-Conference, reason.com, July 19, 2005

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