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Mojo Jojo type monkeys threaten to wule da werld

Really smart little monkeys have been attacking people, devastating crops and most of all, eluding capture in the rural areas of Puerto Rico for weeks now and people fear that it won’t be long before they start to make their way to the urban areas, namely San Juan.
The most disturbing thing I have found regarding all of this is the fact that these little “Mojo Jojo” running amuck really are Mojo Jojo, in the sense that monkeys are not native to Puerto Rico. They literally arrived on the island in the 1950s when they were brought there for medical experiments.
So these monkeys come from a long linage of “tampered with” monkeys.
One lady told the Seattle Times that she had a baby monkey once jump out of a tree on to the roof of her house, and she thought it was cute at first, that was until it start growling at her and bearing its teeth.
When she called the authorities to come get the little bastard off her roof they showed up in white, hazmat type suits for their protection, sedated it and carted it off in a protective container.
That is when she really got scared.
Evidently the monkeys that these scientists decided to use in their experiments were of the patas and rhesus variety which are known for being fertile as well as aggressive.
No one wants to talk about what kind of experiments that you were trying to run in the 1950s that necessitated monkeys of the fertile, violent variety, but whatever those experiments were they obviously didn’t necessitate tight security because the reason Puerto Rico has a population of almost 2,000 wild monkeys today is because people at these facilities were a little lackadaisical about closing doors behind them and shutting windows.
Now you might not think 2,000 monkeys is that big of a deal but Puerto Rico is an island.
And the last time I checked it wasn’t as big as Texas.

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Source: Monkeys threaten San Juan, Seattle Times, Monday, August 1, 2005
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