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What would you do for $10?

Look what you can accomplish with such a little investment.
Jesus, the alleged son of God and gateway to eternal paradise was sold out for 30 silver pieces.
I am not sure what 30 silver pieces translates into today with inflation and all, but what Lacey Jane Bolen, 26, of Goose Creek, South Carolina, did for 10 bucks is just as bad.
Apparently Lacey Jane Bolen took a 10$ bride from two kids on her bus to look the other way while they sexually assaulted a girl on the bus.
Although she had a 911 emergency panic button on the panel of the bus dashboard she never pushed it, nor reported the incident to anyone.
The assault was only discovered when another student went to the authorities and their story was supported by the images captured by the camera that is recording constantly on the bus.
"At any point, she could have stopped this from happening to this young girl," Assistant Prosecutor Kristi Harrington told the Associated Press.
But she was paid her $10.00 Ms. Prosecutor to keep her mouth shut and look the other way. What kind of person would she be to renege on an agreement like that?
She faces five years in prison for that $10.00 on charges of being an accessory after the fact to second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.
The other two kids are looking at second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor without the accessory appended to it..
Which in real language means, at least in South Carolina, that a person is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree, if the dude engages in sexual battery with a victim who is at least 14-years old but younger than 16 and is older than she is.
Sexual battery is defined as sexual gratification accomplished by the use of aggravated coercion.
Aggravated, is defined as raising your voice and being really animated about all of it.
So once again I say, it isn’t easy getting into hell.
I don’t think I want my kids growing up in the church and thinking that they are going to hell if they dance too suggestively, swear or don't give up hot pockets for Lent.
No I want them to know that going to hell takes work.
Just goes to show that when you are morally bankrupt it doesn’t cost much to purchase your services.

Source: Bus Driver Going To Prison After $10 Bribe During Sex Assault, All Headline News, July 24, 2005
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