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Police discover the most Prolific Molester In U.S. History

Police claim that they might have stumbled upon the most prolific child molester in U.S. history.
Calling him the most prolific in U.S. history instead of the most prolific child molester in human history says more than I want to know about the kind of numbers you would have to put up to be in the pedophile hall of fame, not to mention the pedophile top 10.
Police found a handwritten list of more than 36,000 suspected sex acts with boys committed by one individual.
The list spanned over 7 spiral-bound notebooks complete with names and codes for various sex acts.
63-year-old Arthur Schwartzmiller who owns the infamous multicolored spiral note books, apparently took advantage of children in at least five U.S. states as well as Brazil and Mexico.
"If any of these numbers are even close to accurate, then it is one of the most significant child molestation finds that we have ever encountered," said San Jose Police Lt. Scott Cornfield, who called the case "horrendous."
Even Schwartzmiller’s roommate, Fred Everts was a child molester which lends more credibility to the cliché that “if your going to lynch a pervert you might as well get his roommate too because chances are he was in on it too.”
Here is another chilling fact. Evidently where they lived was conveniently placed between two elementary schools.
Location, location, location.
Police found the apartment littered with eviction notices as bottles of tequila.
Curiously enough they also had a six foot-tall server in the house along with power cords, computer manuals, printers and what not making police suspect that they might have also been operating a child porn web site as well.
Apparently Schwartzmiller did much of his kid fucking before he would’ve been required by law to register as a sex offender.
He has been charged or convicted of child molestation several times before. He was arrested on charges in New York, Idaho, Oregon, Arkansas and Washington. He also lived at one time or another in Nevada and Texas.
In 1984 he was characterized by the Idaho Supreme Court as a “repeat offender” who "uses his intelligence to take advantage of the weak and oppressed and those who are in need." Schwartzmiller "frequents areas where young boys may be found, befriends boys with no father figure in the home, entices them from their homes, lowers their natural inhibitions through the use of drugs and alcohol, and commits sex acts upon them," the justices wrote.
His journals have headings in them like "Blond Boys," "Cute Boys," "Boys who say no," and boys by specific sex act.
As you can expect for every one person that says that this guy creeped them out there are like 20 that say he was a great guy that loved kids and loved to spoil them.
Well he loved to do more than that.
When he would buy the neighborhood kids ice cream he wasn’t being nice, he wasn’t doing anything any different than when a guy buys a girl dinner when they go out on a date. He is making a down payment on some ass.
"I've never seen anything like this," said Sgt. Tom Sims, head of San Jose's child exploitation unit.

same difference

nambla members arrested as they waited for boat to sex retreat
I can only imagine what the agent that infiltrated NAMBLA would have to do to win their trust. Yuck.

Tammy Imre fucks 8-year-old. this case gets more bizarre with every article
No one should ever be that horny.

Source: S.J. police: Alleged molester may have abused thousands, San Francisco Chronicle, Friday June 17, 2005

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