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Chinese General threatens to Nuke US out of his own personal stash

I could never get into politics as a career because politics, at least on the federal level, politics is all about business, securing the financial viability of America but selling what you are doing to the American people as doing what is right, morally and ethically for the sake of what is right, moral and ethical.
Morals and ethics are rarely if ever the impetus behind creating legislation, making policy or enforcing law. It’s all about the business of America.
80% of all of the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist in the world are Saudi nationals.
Ethically it was be the right thing to do to get into their asses as to what they are doing over there to keep pumping out these terrorists.
But we don’t get into their asses, we keep fucking around with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq because of all of the money that the Saudi family alone pumps into the US economy.
Had 80% of the terrorist in the world come from northern Sudan, there would be a world wide boycott of the Sudan, we’d be starving them to death, cutting off medical supplies and probably occupying their country by now.
The Chinese have said, “Yes we are prepared to go to nuclear war with the United States over this whole Taiwan issue.
Gen. Zhu Chenghu said that "if the Americans are determined to interfere ... we will be determined to respond."
He even got specific enough to say what they were willing to write off as a loss. He said that China would prepare itself for the destruction of all of its cities east of Xian - - while "the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds ... of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese." His comments were reported by the Asian Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and International Herald Tribune.
Although he insisted he was speaking for himself not for the Chinese government, it is still unclear how many nuclear missiles he personally owns.
So although he says he wasn’t speaking for the Chinese government if any exchange of nuclear arms did occur I doubt they would be coming from his personal stash.
Sure the Chinese are talking big shit now but that's because we don’t have enough US soldiers to quell a riot anymore, let alone help Taiwan.
Hell, I am sure Guam could tell us to go fuck ourselves right about now and we couldn’t do anything about it.
But before you start thinking that China can’t reach us, listen to this.
Donald Rumsfeld recently said at a conference in Singapore last month that "China appears to be expanding its missile forces, allowing them to reach targets in many areas of the world, not just the Pacific region, while also expanding its missile capabilities within this region," Rumsfeld said. "China also is improving its ability to project power, and developing advanced systems of military technology."
Personally I would hate to see this happen, but if China is that bad ass now, I can’t see them not volleying a few of those hot rockets over at Japan’s direction just on general principle.
I figure when Yao Ming gets a call from China telling him to get his ass on the next flight to Beijing then we need to take this seriously, until then we need to just distract them from Taiwan by reminding them about how the Japanese keep forgetting to mention the rape of Nanking in their textbooks.

same difference

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Source: Chinese General Warns of Nuclear Conflict Over Taiwan, CNSNews.com, July 15, 2005

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