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Abortion Protestors Offer Impromptu Exorcism of Ward Churchill

This is exactly what I am talking about.
On their way to protest at two Denver area abortion clinics a bus load of Jesus Freaks made a stop first at the University of Colorado to stop at Ward Churchill’s office.
Their “leader” if you want to call him that, Rev. Flip Benham told more than 100 members of the group Operation Save America that came along with him on this anti-abortion protest that Ward Churchill is possessed by demons.
How does he know?
Is he a good friend of Churchill?
Well how does he know that Ward Churchill, a man he probably didn’t even know existed on this earth prior to making the news with his 9-11 theories is possessed by otherworldly entities?
He says he knows Ward Churchill is possessed because of the way Churchill’s face twitches when he talks.
No lie. He's that good.
"That's the power of Christ, to set the captive free from the lies and from those demons that are inhabiting Ward," said the ever observant, can’t get anything past him, Rev. Flip Benham. "They're destroying him," Benham said of the demons. "His face twitches when he speaks because he knows he's been speaking a lie."
His face twitches when he talks, therefore he must be possessed by demons.
Well that was easy enough.
While he’s at it why doesn’t he push some co-eds into the fountain on campus to see if they float.
That way while Flip is exorcising Churchill’s demons he can point out a few witches on campus while he is at it.
Ward Churchill is the University Colorado professor that got in trouble when he basically said that America deserved what happened to us on 9-11 because we have been fucking around with the Arabs.
Churchill is currently being investigated for plagiarism, lying about his research findings and claiming that he is related to Tonto when he might not be.
Prior to his statement that “we got what we deserved” none of these allegations were against him.
I am not saying whether they are true or not, but I am saying that isn’t it amazing how things seem to crawl out of the closet when people want you gone.
As I think about this story all I can hear playing in my head is that song “Who let the dogs out”.
Who let these idiots out into society?
That might be the most long lasting legacy of Dubya and the neo-cons, that they dug up these idiots and mobilized them to vote.
They weren’t an issue before because almost as a rule most Jesus freaks don’t participate in the democratic process because it’s too worldly for them, but thanks to Rove they are here now.
"This man has been a blight and a disgrace throughout America," Benham said.
When they found out that Churchill wasn’t even in his office they went back to business as usual marching across campus back to their bus carrying signs depicting bloody aborted fetuses with Benham chanting “We’re going to bring the news of Jesus Christ to the gates of hell!”
If that means that you are leaving, well hurry up already.

same difference

College Professor MAY Lose Job Over 911 Comments
What has happened to us?

Moral retards is probably too kind
A Brooklyn College professor had to withdraw his name from consideration as chairman of the sociology department at his school after the president of the college got wind of his take on religious fanatics.

Source: Christian Group Claims Ward Churchill Possessed By Demons, Associated Press, July 20, 2005

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