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Hollywood inadvertently proves just how gay it really is

Obi-Wan Kenobi in his gay daysLeave it up to FOX News to point this one out, but this time they have a point.
Tabloids seem to consider everything fair game in Hollywood; miscarriages, infidelity, drug addiction, you name it. Everything but one thing, outing who is homosexual and who isn’t.
Suddenly when it comes to which leading man out there has a "beard" on his arm, suddenly they suffocate under the weight of all of these principles, integrity and values they suddenly have.
So if you are straight and you are on holiday in the Bahamas they'll have helicopters swooping over head taking pictures of you nude on the beach getting your dick sucked by the co-star of your last film. But if you are gay, well then, it’s not their place to out you.
"I don't believe there's still an appetite out there for that kind of information,"said American Media spokesman Stu Zakim "It's something we're not doing. I think there's been a mass change in acceptance of people's sexuality, so that it's really irrelevant to their celebrity status.
Well that’s a bunch of bullshit because they have never been known to out homosexual leading men.
Hell, in Hollywood you are more likely to be outed as a communist than a homosexual.
And who are they kidding, “There’s been a mass change in the acceptance of people’s sexuality”.
You mean to tell me that the same person you is interested in Oprah Winfrey’s secret love child isn’t the same person who is interested if Judd Law is giving it to Orlando Bloom?
Star Magazine actually came out and said it was there official policy not to out homosexuals.
Like I said, I don’t really care whether they do or not. I just think it is funny that they have no problem printing across the front of their paper every time a leading lady has a miscarriage with photographs of her running out of the hospital in tears but they consider whether or not someone is gay “a private matter”.
Hell I am sure 90% of everything they talk about in the tabloids is a “private matter”.
I guess I am just asking why some matters are private while others are not. Particularly, how can you talk about a heterosexual guy cheating on his fiancé with his kid’s nanny and ruining his relationship with them both but you aren’t going to talk about some gay actor who is cheating on his “life partner” with the pool boy?
I mean this isn’t new. Rock Hudson. Cary Grant. James Dean. Laurence Olivier. Danny Kaye. Every one of them skipped to work.
Not one of them was ever outed when they were alive.
Are gay people just better at hiding it? I doubt it.
Scorned lovers are scorned lovers regardless of their sexual orientation. I am sure there were men out there that were jealous that Rock Hudson wasn’t giving them "the rock" anymore that would’ve run straight to the papers, had they been interested in publishing their story.
But for whatever reason they aren’t. They weren’t then and they aren’t now.
"I don't think a tabloid forcing someone out is a good thing. I view coming out as a personal choice," said Howard Bragman, a Los Angeles-based public-relations specialist, University of Southern California professor and gay-rights activist.
Even Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sir Alec Guinness himself was arrested in 1948 for soliciting for sex in a public toilet or as it is called in England “cottaging”. Those records were sealed and it wasn’t revealed to the public until after his death.
Like I said, this isn’t a call to out gay people, who cares. But don’t act like you aren’t outing them because their sexuality is a “private matter” but miscarriages and adultery isn’t a private matter . Don’t act like society has changed so much that outing homosexuals and outing people for having torrid affairs and love children wouldn’t appeal to the same demographic.
Which would be 95% of the friggin people that read that crap in the first place.
People like me.

same difference

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Reverend Fred Phelps has to be gay. He just has to be.

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Source: To Out or Not to Out: Tabs Keep Rumors Away From Public, Fox News, Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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