Indian police catch 200 people watching porn and make them do sit-ups in public
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I’m not even going to try to understand it.
I’m not sure that I could.
Showing pornography is apparently illegal in India. But, despite being illegal, pornography is still shown in many movie theaters.
So if it is illegal, why can’t authorities stop legitimate businesses from showing it?
Well, one of the most popular types of pornography or a genre if you want to call it that, are Bollywood look-alike's having sex on camera.
Oh, that’s why. They are making money showing this stuff. Imagine that?
Well since law enforcement can’t stop the theaters from showing it, for whatever reason, the porno police have decided to try to shame the people they arrest into not watching these films.
That is why when they caught 200 men watching pornography recently they made them all go outside and do 10 sit-ups in public. They even called some of their parents to come watch them do sit-ups.
So you can’t stop theaters from showing porn because obviously people want to see it, right?
So in the interest of their own safety, because I am assuming looking at people fuck is harmful to yourself or to society, Indian police decided to integrate public shaming into their MO to get people to stop wanting to watch people engage in sexual activity.
Can someone please refresh my memory again on the dangers of watching porn?
And please don’t use the example of the guy that jerked off non-stop for 72 straight hours while high on methamphetamines dressed down in a storm trooper outfit because porn didn’t do that to him.
Believe me. His issues go way beyond porn.
Sure Jesus freaks will say that essentially pornography is fornication, but fornication is sex between two people aren’t married, but dammit there’s a lot of porn out there that is being made by married couples that I am sure Jesus freaks still have a problem with. (Wifeysworld.com)
Its not like they are going to endorse “Big Booty Wives Take It In The Ass 6” just because its their husbands that are giving it to them on camera, right?
So scratch fornication off the list.
Then the feminists will say that pornography creates unreal expectations of sexual experience and body types and when confronted with reality, men find it difficult to perform sexually when confronted with real women and real bodies, but again, there is a lot of porn out there made by people just like you and me, not these cosmetic surgery sculpted perfect people in these big budget productions.
These people in these armature films don’t have perfect bodies. They don’t have unreal sex. They just have sex, and again, I don’t see that genre porn being treated any better than the rest of the stuff coming out of porn valley.
Then they might toss that “ you shouldn’t covet your neighbor’s wife" thing at you but to covet is to have some unnatural, consuming want or longing for what someone else has, there is a difference between that an appreciating what someone else has.
So again, what is the problem with porn?
Shelves of amateur porn, with people with bodies just like you and me screwing the tears out of their wives on camera would still catch hell from anti-pornography groups would it not?
Sure it would.
Now if India said porn is illegal because “we already have 1 billion people in our country, we don’t need any more accelerant tossed on this fire, thank you very much” I could see where they were coming from.
But if you already have 1 billion people in your country I would think porn would be the least of your concerns.

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Source: Indian porn drive makes audience sit up and notice, Reuters, July 18, 2005
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