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Woman Are Attracted To Men with Money Study Concludes

Researchers at the University of Central Lancashire just did a study on sexual behavior. It was the largest study of its kind.
They asked almost 30,000 people from 170 countries a bunch of questions and found out that the more money a man makes the more sex he has.
The more money he makes the more opportunity he has to have sex with a wider variety of partners too.
Conversely they discovered through countless hours of painstaking research and analysis of the data that the more broke and busted a man is financially, the less sex he has and the fewer women he has a chance to bed.
Hmmm. You don’t say?
They even went on to say that women seem to be more attracted to men with money and resources and not so much attracted to men that don’t have money and resources.
Damn. When did this come out? I hadn’t heard any of this before.
And here is the kicker. Are you ready?
Their research also concluded that women do not seem to benefit one bit from having money. Regardless of how much money and resources they have at their disposal because men are still primarily concerned about their looks.
Hold up. I need to take a seat here. All of this information coming at me so fast is making me light headed.
Researchers figure that all of this must have something to do with teh fact that men who make more money tend to be more aggressive and assertive and therefore it must somehow indirectly stimulate their libido.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
There must be a hormonal component to all of this that is being over looked.
All of this is new information is going to submitted for publication in the journal of sexual behavior because most people are like myself and had no clue this was how things worked before someone put the science behind it.
I always thought that women looked for men of good character, values, to be the father of her children, to raise a family with.
But I guess I was wrong. Women just want to fuck men with money.
And that is consistent the world over, apparently.
Imagine that?
I am willing to stake it all on the fact that this has been the case since shit stank.
Women like nice things.
You know what, this isn’t news to anyone. This is just the first time it has been documented in scientific research.
You know how scientists are.
Look for their next study which will find that geeks are virgins longer than jocks and that attractive girls get hit on more often that ugly girls.

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Source: Bigger wallet, more sex, The Australian, July 18, 2005

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