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No Japs, No Dogs, No Food, No Apology

Japanese diners must apologize for kicking China's ass before eating at Manchurian restaurant.
That’s right.
There’s a restaurant in the northeast Chinese city of Jilin that is refusing to serve Japanese customers unless they apologize for the war crimes the Japanese committed against the Chinese during World War II.
"We totally welcome those Japanese customers who can correctly view history," the manager, surnamed Tian, was quoted as saying.
Hmmm, really?
The problem I have with that statement is that, well, it isn’t true. There is a sign hanging up at the door of the restaurant that reads “Japanese people barred from entry”.
That might explain why no Japanese have even entered his restaurant to even take the “do you know your history challenge”.
They are a little confused.
Make no mistake about it, the Chinese are still raw over the Japanese killing 300,000 Chinese during the years in which they occupied China.
The Japanese maintain that the numbers were slightly smaller from their count. But that is to be expected isn’t it?
The Japanese only admit to killing 155,000 Chinese.
But that is at best a guess, and at worse it just taking the word of their own soldiers that were doing the killings. You know how difficult it is to keep the numbers in your head straight when you are indiscriminately mowing people down, raping women every night and burying people alive for kicks and giggles. Your mind wonders.
However, and this is just me, when it comes to the indiscriminate killing of human beings, you can approach finding out how many people were actually killed the exact same way that you approach the actual number of men that a women has slept with after she gives you her “best guess”.
If she tells you that her “best guess” is that she has slept with 7 guys, you take that number and multiply it by 2.
When a country admits that they slaughtered 155,000 people just because they didn’t have anything better to do, take that number and also multiply it by 2.
So the real number of Chinese that they killed is closer to around 310,000.
Just remember you heard it here first.
But what is an apology worth from someone that wasn’t even alive when all of this happened?
I don’t want white people coming up to me and apologizing for slavery.
What the fuck for? What is that worth to me?
I don’t see the point of apologizing for something you learned about in the same damn history class I took.
Now I am sure the Japanese aren’t helping matters by teaching their young students that it never happened. That can’t be good.
And if I am Japanese I am thinking to myself, “we had a nice little run for a while there because there is no way in hell I would think that those little islands could take Korea or China today.
Especially China. I think Chairman Mao gave them a set of brass balls that they must’ve not had before.
Communism tends to have that effect on people.
Just look at famous Communists with balls...
Boris and Natasha, Nikolai Volkoff, Ivan Drago, and the grand daddy of them all, Grigori Effimovich Rasputin.
Well technically Rasputin wasn’t a communist but he had balls.
A few years ago men in Korea were actually cutting their own fingers off in protest of the Japanese prime minister going there to make a speech.
Asia is not dealing with this well.

Source: Food means having to say you're sorry, associated Press, July 11, 2005
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