Still no cure for cancer, 'Human-brained' monkeys though on the horizon

That is all I am going to say. Grog.
For those of you that watched The Challenge of the Super friends you know who Grog is.
He was the gorilla that would build shit like laser guns and hypnotic helmets.
Mad Scientist are now trying to create human-primate chimeras which would be animals with a combination of human and monkey cells.
Taking a break from finding a cure to actual diseases like cancer and AIDS, these scientists may very well be creating a monkey that you can play chess with and philosophize with about the meaning of life.
Yeah, no shit.
These creatures are call “Chimeras” and although they have done this sort of thing with mice and a whole assortment of other animals, the reason you would do something like this still continues to escape me.
Sure I would like a smarter dog, I mean who wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean that I want my dog erasing over my game on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas so he can save his game.
Look, I appreciate science and the things we can do, I really do.
But when it comes to stuff like this I would really feel better if I were beaten over the head with why these types of experiments will eventually lead to healthier human lives. Do that, and like with stem cell research I am all for it.
But if you are making monkeys with human brains just so instead of having monkeys tossing their feces at passing Safari are tossing primitive spears or arrows, that’s just not cool.
I mean I hate to sound selfish, but what the hell am I getting out of having smarter monkeys?
And I don’t mean “I” as in just me. I mean “I” as in humanity as a whole.
Like we don’t have enough stupid humans. I am sure if you make smart monkeys they will be smarter than some of us are already.
they are even convening a meeting of animal behaviorists, lawyers, philosophers, bio-ethicists and neuro-scientists that are calling for some kind of restrictions for this kinda stuff because it is becoming more and more common.
But why is it becoming more common? What kind of scientific advances are we making by playing chess with monkeys?
The committee will soon publish the results of their meeting and will address the questions regarding introducing human cells into non-human primate brains and the "significant physical or biochemical changes that make the brain more human-like" and what could happen if the monkeys developed “self-awareness”.
"What we were trying to do was anticipate - recognizing that if science were to take that path there might be some different kinds of moral challenges." said committee co-chairman Dr Ruth Faden, a professor in biomedical ethics.
As usual, I am not as concerned about the "moral challenges" that experiments create as much as I am the point of the experiments.

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Source: 'Human-brained' monkeys, news.com.au, July, 11, 2005

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