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ABC pulls reality show because reality was too real.

ABC pulled the plug on its “reality show” 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' before it was even aired because watchdog groups brought to their attention that the show was going to be too real.
The idea was to have a conservative, Christian, middle-class white family pick who they would like to have as their next door neighbor.
Obviously, their first choice would be another conservative, Christian, middle-class white family, but how interesting would that be?
So ABC gave them everything but what they wanted, a black family, a gay couple, a Mexican Hispanic family, a white family covered in tattoos they even tossed in some pagans.
Well the reason the show was pulled was because GLADD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) complained that the conservative family would call the gays "a bunch of no good faggots”.
The conservative watchdog group the Family Research Council were concerned that the white bred family would get ridiculed for their Christian beliefs and apparently, the jokes would actually be funny.
Evidently the white family had made a comment when the Mexicans were getting out of their car, “I wonder how many of them are going to get out of that car,” eluding to the same old stereotype that Reggie White made a classic when he said in front of the Wisconsin legislature , “that Mexicans can cram 30 people into a house.”
So why did they cancel the show? Because it was too real?
Imagine if you take a conservative, Christian, neo-con, white middle class family and give them the power to choose who they would like to have as a next door neighbor, parade in front of them all of the groups that they don’t like and film what they say about each other behind closed doors, are you really surprised that they aren’t going to be politically correct?
Are you surprised that some pretty racist, ignorant shit is going to come out of their mouths?
Imagine that?
And if you think that the ignorance is only going to be volleying from one direction you are sadly mistaken. Blacks are just as racist as whites are, I can speak from experience. And unless Hispanics, Jews, Homosexuals are from another planet I am sure they are no different behind closed doors.
See I’m not at all surprised about any of this. The only people that talk in political correct are people in the media. That is the only place that it is spoken.
Oh yeah, it is often written on inter-office memos and what not but real people don’t even talk like that.
They especially don’t talk like that in private.
And if you think about it, these people would’ve had to have been really on the far right if they couldn’t even watch their mouths with television cameras all up in their faces.
That isn’t private.
Now imagine if you will if there were hidden cameras placed around their house. Then you would really gotten the Nigger bombs and the Jew bombs and Faggot bombs dropping like “Shock and Awe” in Baghdad.
But that would be too real.
You mean they are actually going to ridicule each other? You mean that they are going to talk about them like a dog, then smile in their faces the next morning?
You’ve got to be kidding me?
The National Fair Housing Alliance was even pissed off at this show claiming that this show was going to give the impression that people can be denied housing based on things like their religious beliefs, racial or ethnic background or even sexual orientation.
You don’t say?
Wait a minute. We don’t do that in America do we? To discriminate is against the law isn’t it?
Besides, we are all Americans right? Why would we have a problem in this day-n-age of unprecedented patriotism of people talking bad about fellow Americans?
See that is why I hate political correctness. It isn’t real. It isn’t how real people think. It isn’t how real people interact.
It’s lipstick and a wig on a pig.

Source: ABC pulls edgy reality show after groups complain, Associated Press, Thursday June 30, 2005
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