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Lake disappears, baffled villagers blame... America

Propaganda machines are too complex for the common man to handle.
Spin doctors in particular are too smart for the average guy walking the street.
The average person is rarely persuaded by sound logical argument, as much as he/she is persuaded by how confident you sound while you are making your case.
The more assured you appear to be, the more convinced he will be that you are speaking the truth.
In short, he will believe it, if you look like you believe it.
That’s pretty much all it takes.
Lawyers have known it for years. Some people call it charisma. Some people call it passion, but really all it takes to get 9 out of 10 people in the world to buy whatever you are selling is to get them to believe that you believe.
So with that said, anyone whose job it is to put a positive or negative light on something most likely thinks too quickly and are too persuasive for general consumption.
George Bush could’ve taken a shit on stage, literally during the debates last fall and a spin doctor would have said, “it takes a great deal of courage to drop a loaf on stage in front of a national television audience and I believe that is precisely why Dubya is the only qualified candidate to lead this nation through these perilous times, because he has that kind of courage.”
A few weeks ago a lake disappears in Russia overnight.
Yeah, I know. I didn’t even know something like that that could happen.
You mean to tell me that I could wake up tomorrow and Lake Michigan could be gone?
Well apparently it did happen and it does happen. Villagers from the village of Bolotnikovo woke up to a big mud hole outside of their homes where a lake use to be not 24 hours earlier.
Apparently even the trees surrounding the lake fell into this underground cave or whatever drank the lake.
Russian officials offered an explanation for the disappearing lake. They said that the waters probably drained into an underground cave system.
Ok. I guess that sounds feasible.
However, the villagers had another explanation.
"I am thinking, well, America has finally got to us," said one old woman, as she sat on the ground outside her house.
America? Got to us?
America has finally drained that God forsaken lake like they have always wanted.
Operation Gerald Ford has finally taken flight.
40 million gallons of pond water is coming to a grocery store shelf near you courtesy of the U.S. department of wildlife.
You see what I mean? This old broad has been hearing that America is out to get Russia so often, for so long in her life that when she woke up in the morning and saw that someone had stolen the lake we were the first name that popped in her head.
America must’ve stolen the lake.
All it takes is for her to believe it to get someone else to believe it.
That is why it is so hard to learn the truth. Between people believing things simply because you believe it and people only believing what they want to believe its amazing that we know anything.

same difference

war propaganda is shameless
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Source: Lake disappears, baffling villagers, Reuters May 19, 2005

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