Kinky shopper dropped by vibrating panties
"raw dogma" by Nkrumah Steward, creator of 8BM.com

I take it as being a sign of the times.
As technology becomes increasingly more and more affordable, the trick for the entrepreneur becomes how can he/she get that technology into the hands of the common man make their fortunes.
One of those ways is pretty obvious, find some way to use technology to make our lives easier.
You know, find a better way to build a mousetrap. Or at the very least, make the same mousetrap, only do it faster.
Well there is only one place that line of thinking is going to lead you and that is back to the old tried and true, sex.
Sex sells in every single way conceivable.
It always has and it always will.
Sex would even bring more people into Church on Sunday if not for the fact that half the sex in the Bible is consensual incest.
Sex in the bible is very Jerry Springer, and if you ask me, those are the very people who need more Jesus in their lives.
The bible is full of people fucking their kids (Lot), handing their daughters over to mobs to be ganged raped (also Lot), people sleeping with their siblings (all of Adam and Eve’s progeny). It’s disgusting.
A preacher struggling to gather a congregation that is looking for his niche would be wise to play that angle a bit.
For example, King David put his own best friend on the front line of battle which meant certain death just so he could steal his wife from him.
Now let’s think about that for a second. You know this woman had to have been fine as hell. You just know it.
A preacher would be wise to go with that.
David is King for crying out loud. He had his pick of all of the women in Israel and he still couldn’t take his mind off of his best friend’s wife.
And this was back in the day when you didn’t have to be bothered with trying to make a marriage to one woman work.
You could marry as many women as you could afford to keep fat and happy.
So David could have had any woman that he wanted. So that must’ve been the problem. There wasn’t anyone else that looked like her.
I have seen only one a woman like that before in my life.
It was at a comic book convention in like 2002. It was there that I saw Aria Giovanni in person. There is no woman on earth like her. Her pictures on the Internet do not do her body Justice. Unless you have seen her in person you have not seen her.
I wanted to knock her over the head with a stack of bootleg DVD’s, gag her mouth with a Spider-man t-shirt, tie her up and take her home with me and keep her locked up in my basement.
I am telling you, I know what David must’ve felt like.
So David had his best friend killed just so he could fuck his wife without breaking God’s law of adultery.
Forget about God’s law of premeditated murder.
Granted, God gave David a wrist slap for it, but to this day David still has a star named after him and Jesus himself did pretty well in the popularity department by telling anyone that would listen that he was blood related to the adulterous, backstabbing son-of-a-bitch.
Just something to think about.
Well according to the UK tabloid the Sun, a 33-year-old Welsh housewife found herself in the hospital after going to the supermarket wearing a pair of vibrating passion pants. Apparently these are panties that have a 21/2 inch vibrating bullet inside of them and she fainted after an orgasm, fell against the shelves and banged her head.
With each new way to insert technology into our daily lives comes a whole new revision of the warning label.
Technology is king.

same difference

museum showcases archaic vibrators from the 1930s
The vibrator was designed to reduce the amount of time doctors had to spend giving genital massages to female patients to cure their hysteria.

south korean women transplant hair from their heads down to their privates
apparently women in South Korea consider having pubic hair riding up their stomachs as a sign of fertility. I consider that a sign that you are a Sasquatch.

Source: Kinky shopper KOed by vibrating knickers, The Register, Wednesday May 18, 2005
"Raw" written by Nkrumah Shabazz Steward, creator, 8bm.com

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