Bush Dismisses Criticism In Amnesty Report As Absurd

Bush dismissed criticism from an Amnesty International report claiming that he is running Guantanamo like a Soviet-era gulag. His supporters in the American media predictably volleyed back with comments along the lines that if Amnesty International wants to see human rights violations then they should be looking at North Korea and Cuba.
Well I an here to tell you, they do look at those countries too. That is what they do. They track human rights violations. American conservatives should know all about it, they are always quoting Amnesty International when they are making a case for someone’s evilness.
My question is, what the fuck does North Korea or Cuba have to do with how we are running Guantanamo and treating the people we are holding illegally there?
Dubya’s only response to this reports was that, the people that made these allegations, “hate America.”
No shit. I would hate America too if they were doing even 10% of what they are alleging that we are doing to these people in Guantanamo Bay.
And so would any of these so called defenders of American freedom if the American government was doing these things to them.
I know it hurts to admit it, but Dubya and these neo-cons are not as different as you want to think they are from any of these evil regimes that you are so quick to point to as the standard of evil in his axis of evil analogies.
How can he stand up as this beacon of hope, freedom and human dignity while he runs an administration that not only has these types of atrocities happen on their watch, but condones them as it now has come out that they did in Abu Ghraib prison as well as Guantanamo Bay.
I am so tired of Dubya condemning them after the fact. How about he start by doing something about this arrogant attitude that this administration has that fosters the kind of environment that allows this kind of stuff to happen in the first place?
How many times can he say he is sorry before you quit listening? He is like the guy that buys you flowers every time you catch him cheating but he never quits cheating.
But it isn’t just Dubya’s fault, sure he is ultimately responsible for his own policy but we the America people are the enablers.
Each and every single one of you that voted for Dubya are no doubt also the ones who could give a fuck what human rights violations we are committing as long as he tells you that it is to protect your freedom.
You are Americans without principle. And that is why you are so Gung-Ho about putting up what amounts to a smoke screen by publicly championing values and morals.
The root of values and morals are planted in the soil of principle. You can’t be a moral, ethical person and not be a person of principle, and people of principles aren’t hypocrites.
You can’t have it both ways.
You can’t defend freedom and trample over someone else’s. You can’t demand a fair shake in the eyes of public opinion and world community and then refuse to offer the same to anyone else.
If you want to tell us that this report is absurd then you should show us why it is absurd. They have presented their evidence. Where is yours? All you can say is that the people that they spoke with are liars because they hate America?
Hell, that could be the defense of every rapist on trial anywhere in the world.
”Well the reason she is saying I raped her, your honor is because she hates me.”
Well is it possible that she hates you because you raped her?
I mean this is what Amnesty International does. Their report is good enough to quote if it is making Castro look bad but they are incompetent when it points the finger at you, huh?
I guess Dubya’s word is good enough for at least 51% of you at last count.
His word isn’t good enough for me.

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Source: Bush calls Amnesty criticism of U.S. 'absurd' , Reuters, May 31, 2005

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