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The connection no one wants to talk about Star Trek and Sex Offenders

This isn’t normally a connection I would’ve made, but apparently the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit claims that out of all of the sex offenders that they have captured over the past four years with only one exception, they have all been a hard-core Trekkies.
Hardcore Trekkies, and all that it implies. They spoke Klingon. They greeted each other doing that bizarre thing that they do with their fingers spread apart. They dress up like Romulans and Klingons and play paint ball on weekend excursions into the woods.
There is even a poster on the office wall where the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit do there investigations that have Toronto Sex Crimes Unit officer’s faces substituting for the usual actors that portray the crew of the star ship Enterprise in an obvious play on the dark reality that Star Trek is the end all for too many pedophiles.
But why? What is the connection?
"It has something to do with a fantasy world where mutants and monsters have power and where the usual rules don't apply," Det. Sgt. Paul Gillespie of the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit reflects."
I’m sorry, there has to be a lot more to it than just that. Hell, a story about a fantasy world where mutants and monsters have power describes everything from Lost in Space to Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica, but those franchises aren’t listed as the fantasy escape of choice for the pedophile, Star Trek is.
So what is it about Star Trek?
What is it in particular about shooting lasers out of electric shavers and the finer points of the prime directive that make people want to seduce children?
Ok, let’s be fair, maybe Star Trek doesn’t make you want to sleep with children. How about I ask what is it about wanting to sleep with children that attracts you to Star Trek?
Then Det. Sgt. Paul Gillespie talks about some of the cases that they have solved, like for example there was one where a 6-year-old girl was cowering in a dog cage and in a second picture there was someone holding a knife to her stomach with the words “Hurt me”, “Kill me”, “I’m a slut” written in what was supposed to look like blood. In the pictures her face was “flushed purple”. She was crying.
The confessed offender of the girl in the dog kennel, Brian Tod Schellenberger, has been arraigned and faces up to 30 years in prison.
And this guy was a hard-core Trekkie?
My mom is a Trekkie for Christ’s sakes.
Now I could see people who like the film The City of Lost Children or fans of Luc Besson’s The Professional being pedophiles but what is it about Worf that makes you want to torment little girls you keep locked up in dog kennels?
I am going to drive myself crazy thinking about this connection. Obviously there is only so far I can go with this since I like my women to have pubes but surely there has to be a better explanation than “they are attracted to stories about mutants and monsters with power.”
Anyone out there willing to give it a try? Be my guest.

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