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Jesus freak Offered Bounty on Schiavo’s Head and federal Judge

Richard Alan MeywesWe are all in trouble when people start believing that murder is morally justifiable.
First it was the abortion clinic snipers. Then it was al-Qaeda. Then it was the animal rights people who were advocating that it was morally justifiable to kill scientist that perform medical research on animals. They’ve kinda quieted down every since 28 Days Later hit the theaters but they are still around.
Now I guess we can add the Terri Schiavo Rescue Squad to the list.
Jesus freaks have been beside themselves over this whole Terri Schiavo case.
"A man accused of placing a bounty on the head of Michael Schiavo and on a judge who recently denied a request to reinsert Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was arrested Friday... [Richard Alan Meywes] is charged with murder for hire... On Wednesday, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department in Florida forwarded an e-mail to the FBI in Tampa. In the e-mail, a $250,000 bounty was placed on the 'head of Michael Schiavo.' The e-mail also placed a bounty of $50,000 on the judge who recently denied a request to intervene in the case of Terri Schiavo."
I have read conservative columnist putting out all of these arguments that Michael Schiavo just wants Terri dead to cover up for the mountains of physical evidence that the liberals have been burying about the physical and emotional abused Terri Schiavo endured over the entirety of their marriage.
Some even purpose to know exactly what they argued about the day that Terri stroked out.
They are quick to bring up the fact that he has a girlfriend now and that he had 4 jobs in six years when Terri was still alive all to deflect the only point that matters.
Terri didn’t want to live like this.
And pretty soon she won't have to.
They say that's hearsay since she is brain dead. She can't tell us herself, which is true, I guess.
However would you want to live like that? I can totally see why she would tell her husband that she wouldn’t want to live like that. I know I have told everyone that I know that I wouldn’t want to live in that condition.
Maybe that's why hospitals all across the country have been inundated with people requesting papers for living wills to protect themselves from Jesus freaks who will be trying to keep them alive against their will.
It’s like the Michael Jackson trial, where all of these lawyers working for Michael are trying to argue that this kid and his mother have just been going around Los Angeles shaking down celebrities left and right.
Well that is all fine and good but none of that helps me carry the heaviest question on my mind.
The heaviest question on my mind is “Michael, how does this kid know what your dick looks like?”
You answer that and I don’t need to know anything about the mother and how much of a crack whore she is or how much of an actor this child is.
Michael he knows intimate details about your penis. Why does this kid know that?
What dose the Terri Schiavo Rescue Squad think is going to happen if they go around telling anyone that will listen that Michael and Terri Schiavo argued about money before she stroked out and her brain turned to mush?
Why does it matter that if had she not stroked out that they probably would have been divorced by now like so many other marriages in America today?
What does that have to do with Terri not wanting to live like this?
People complain about living in a society where everything has to be written down and lawyers are involved in everything, well this is why. This is exactly why.
Because people get involved in other people's business.
Don’t you think that if there was any evidence that Michael Schiavo was doing this just to kill her or that if he stood to profit in any way from this that this shit would have been tossed out a long time ago?
You don’t think that the Jesus freaks have tried to go that route before now?
I even had a lady walk in my office and tell me that Michael Schiavo was offered 10 million dollars by someone to drop the case and just let her parents take care of Terri. She told me that he turned the money down.
And her response to that was, “How determined is he to kill her? What an asshole. I don’t understand why he would turn down that kinda money? He must be evil.”
I don’t even know if that story is true, but what I took from that just the opposite from what she took from it. What I thought when I heard that was that he must really love his wife because he knows that she wouldn’t want to live like this and he isn’t going to sell her out for money.
I know if I explicitly told my wife that I didn’t want to live if I was ever in a condition like this and she ended up taking a pay out, bought ocean front property and a Jaguar with it and I ended up was sitting alone in a room for the next 30 years being fed through a tube, gurgling on my own saliva and rolling my head back and fourth with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth, when we both die, she and I are going to exchange a few words.
Very few people I would believe would want to be kept alive for any extended period of time artificially, particularly in a condition where there is no hope of improvement.
The danger of reading these theocons without keeping in mind a few basic principles of common sense reasoning is that they make it sound like all of this evidence is just laying out there and no one is listening leaving you with the only conclusion you can arrive at as to why something isn’t being done about it, it must be a conspiracy of some sort.
I’ve seen it done when I was in college in African American studies.
I’ve seen it done on the University of Michigan campus where students think they can go out on the internet and find irrefutable evidence that Coca-Cola CEO’s are hiring central American para-military factions to kill union organizers in Guatemala, like someone has photocopies of the cashed checks from Coca-Cola on their homepage.
According to the Jesus Freaks that want Terri Schiavo’s brainstem to continue just keeping her heart beating and her eyes blinking, there's literally a mountain of evidence just sitting out there for anyone who isn’t blinded by the "liberal media" to look, that Michael Schiavo use to kick her ass.
Their evidence are tiny fractures on several parts of Terri’s body that they say can’t explain because Terri is retarded.
Do they have any police reports of domestic disturbances coming from their home?
How about bench warrants? Criminal complaints or restraining orders all of which would be more convincing than tiny fractures on a woman who stroked out after having a severe eating disorder, which in my estimation, could have made her body extremely brittle over time and prone to “tiny fractures’ particularly if her eating disorder was severe enough to turn her brain to grits.
I will be glad when this is finally over.

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Source: Asheville Citizen-Times

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