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Honeymooners assaulted after finding hidden cameras in their bedroom

Earlier this month a honeymooning couple in India got the shit beat out of them by several hotel employees of the five star Hotel Park Plaza where they were planning on enjoying an evening of “we just got married” sex.
The assault occurred after the couple discovered a camera hidden in their honeymoon suite and that their honeymoon lovemaking was being video taped.
Almost immediately after discovering the video equipment, as many as three men forced their way into the room and began beating the shit out of both the man and his new bride, leaving the man sprawled across the flood laying in a pool of his own blood.
He was eventually taken to the hospital where he was treated for severe head injuries. I said “eventually taken to the hospital” because get this, the employees at the hotel didn’t even bother to call an ambulance until one-and-a-half hours after he and his wife were assaulted.
Remember this is a five star hotel. We aren’t talking about some dive in the hood that caters to truck drivers and charges by the hour.
Once police arrived and started their investigation into the incident they discovered not just one but several hidden video cameras and microphones in not only their room but another room in the hotel.
Both rooms had been earmarked for honeymooners.
As it turns out this may not have been a coincidence.
Then apparently the hotel workers that were questioned about the incident were so uncooperative with police, that the police quickly concluded that several hotel workers were more than likely involved in this whole ugly mess.
Personally I would have thought that they would have gathered that from the fact that the three guys doing all of the ass kicking where dressed as hotel employees.
But hey, what do I know?
That would exactly the kind of thing that would throw me off.
Batman would ask me which way the Joker went and I would point in the direction of the guy dressed in the purple suit and the clown shoes.
I’m such an amateur.
In the end, the hotel manager, the chief security officer and a handful of employees were all taken into custody by police.
I would say that you get what you pay for, but in this particular case, what they got sure as hell wasn’t what they paid for nor what they should’ve expected.
Instead I will say that I guess if you are ghetto there’s a place you can call home nearly anywhere.
To me, people aren’t races, genders, ethnic groups or nationalities, they’re types.
And those types exist across the board.
There are going to be trifling people everywhere you go.
If you are in the hood that element are going to be Negroes. If you are out in the sticks that element are going to be feuding trailer trash.
But looking at the big picture, from the vantage point only objectivity can provide, you will see that they are all the same person.
Trifling people are the same where ever you go whether it is Bangladesh or Compton.
All criminals whether it be white collar criminals or the run-of-the-mill street criminal have three things in common.
All criminals have a hard time accepting at least two of these three concepts,

1. Consequences
2. The law of cause and effect
3. And or the persuasiveness of circumstantial evidence.

And I offer as evidence, these Indian criminals who thought it would best to beat the dog crap out of a honeymooning couple while still dressed in their work clothes, then refuse to call an ambulance hoping the guy would die from his injuries so he couldn’t testify and then try impede the police investigation into the incident rather than pretend to be as appalled as this couple was to find video equipment in their room, remove it and offer them a free breakfast or something.
And that is how you find yourself in the hospital on your honeymoon from getting your ass kicked by room service.

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same difference

Fuck being a cop
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