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Pat O’brien’s Voice On Messages Begging For Pussy

he licks assI can’t listen to an INXS song without thinking of how Michael Hutchence died.
I was just in the car last night on my way to go play Whirly Ball with a bunch of guys when “Listen Like Thieves” started blaring out of my MP3 player and I thought, “Damn this dude choked himself to death with a leather belt while he was jerking himself off.”
Dying by autoerotic asphyxiation.
That’s Lou.
Now I will not be able to look at Pat O’Brien without thinking of these messages he left on this woman’s phone.
Now I know in the world of Hollywood, glitz and glamour and all of that, admitting yourself into a rehab center, releasing a statement that you have a drug problem is supposed to cleanse you of all of your Lou, but I don’t live in Hollywood.
I don’t live in a world where you can have Lou like this and get away with blaming it on anything.
There is no amount or combination of cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamines or paint thinner that can excuse behavior.
I’m sorry.
I mean you can try, but it won’t work.
He left messages on this woman’s phone at 7:09, 7:48, 7:51, 8:34, 9:04 all saying the same thing.
Every one of them starts with “you’re so fucking hot” and somewhere in the middle there is the “I told my girlfriend that you were into chicks I hope you don’t mind?” followed by a “please say yes.”
A "playa" Pat ain't.
Pat recently put himself in a rehab center and released the statement that ''I have had a problem with alcohol. I have decided to take action by checking myself into an intensive recovery program. Overcoming this problem is a top priority in my life.''
Well good luck with that Pat, but you don’t sound high or drunk on that tape to me.
What you did sound was pathetic.
Celebrities always make a mad dash to the rehab clinic whenever they get negative press.
Remember when Michael Jackson was first accused of molesting a kid. The first place that train stopped was at a rehab center for his “painkiller addiction”.
Well Pat O’Brien isn’t exactly a celebrity but he interviews a lot of them from outside of rehab centers so I am not surprised that is where he went after this tape came out.
I know I am sheltered but something he said on this tape really has me trippin’.
Do people really lick other people’s asses?
Like for real? In real life?
Like outside of the world of porn where before anyone plays with the ass of a female porn star she gives herself enough enemas as it takes to have all that water that comes out her ass be as clean as it was going in.
I am sure that could take hours.
To downgrade ass play from “perilous” to just “unhealthy” takes a lot more than just a shower.
Do any of you meet a girl at a party and just take her home and lick her ass?
Well, apparently people do.
And now we all know at least one of them is Pat O’Brien.
Oh, and by the way, the "girlfriend" he wants to see get eaten out isn't his "wife".
I guess his "wife" wasn't invited to the all coke and fun.
Yeah, if this is his voice on these tape this is far from over.

Listen for yourself

same difference

Listen for yourself

So what is fuck is sex anyway?
So much for not swimming with sharks.

Why women treat each other so badly
Most women don't have to go through those drastic measures because they aren't that much more attractive than everyone else. This woman had to put on 50 pounds just to stop having her tires slit.

Source: Associated Press, Screenhead.com

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