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Woman Kills Herself So Blind Sons Can See

When I was younger one of the things that confused me the most about religion, particularly religion of the Judeo-Christian variety where the vengeful, judgmental God stories and all of these rules that you should abide by to stay in his favor. That wasn’t anything like the love that my parents, particularly my mother had for me. When I compared that to the love that religion claimed that God had for me, it was exiguous when you compared it to hers.
In fact, the love my mother had for me was the closets thing I had to unconditional.
The God I learned about from religion was anything but unconditional with his love.
Even as I got older, the normalcy of a mother willing to go to any lengths to protect her children seemed to only be reinforced as I watched Discovery Channel and Animal Planet and I would watch some Mother Elephant try to fend off a pack of lions to protect her baby or even watching a computer animated T-Rex take a Stegosaurus club to the ribs to protect her little Godzuki from getting trampled.
The Indian Express is reporting that an Indian woman committed suicide so her two blind sons could receive her eyes and see.
The idea was that she would die, doctors would take her eyes as she no doubt had signed the appropriate papers to have her body organs donated after she died and that her sons Kumaran, 17, and Kumar, 15, who have been blind since birth would get them.
However, Kumar’s condition cannot be helped with a cornea transplant and doctors suspect that his older brother’s condition is not because of a cornea defect, so her eyes won’t do her sons any good anyway.
So ultimately her suicide may turn out to be pointless.
But speaking strictly on the issue of love, I don’t think Reverend Phelps and Jesus freaks like those would even want to begin to compare who loves who more.
Now I know that I was fortunate enough to be born to parents that love me. Unfortunately I know that it is a sad reality that there are a lot of kids out there that aren’t loved by their parents.
They aren’t protected, they aren’t nurtured, there’s no one investing time in them, there is no one making sure that they are healthy and looked after.
But those of us that do have parents that love us, there is no way that parent would ever hand us over to someone to immolate us because we were let’s say gay, or had sex before we were married or didn’t go to church.
Are you kidding me?
Do you think a woman who would take her own life on the chance that her sons would be able to use her eyes to see would turn her back on them because they liked to take it in the ass from another man? Do you think that woman would turn her back on these children because they didn’t follow the same faith?
I don’t think so either.
This woman gave her life so that her children would have a chance to see.
Regardless if you think this woman was a little off, you’ve got to admit that the impetus for doing this was not born out of mental illness but out of love for her children. Her choices might have been because of some mental illness, but not her intention to help them.
One of the several tragedies of this story is that doctors say that they made it very clear to this woman and her family that the boys had more screwed up with their sight than just a simple eye transplant could fix.
"We had told the family earlier itself that a corneal transplant was not needed for the younger son," the Indian Express quoted hospital official G. Seethalakshmi saying.
Now we have the family insisting that if the mother’s corneas can’t be of use to her sons then they must be destroyed. They are insisting that no one else can use them.
That too is a tragedy in-an-of itself as well.

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Source: The Indian Express

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