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Study: Abstinence Pledgers Get Just As Many STDs As The Rest of us

In 2001, before the “world changed”, Dubya made it a priority of his administration to increase funding to various abstinence-only educational programs to encourage teens all over the US to sign written pledges or make verbally promise to abstain from sex until they are married.
Yale and Columbia University researchers recently did a study called National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health that showed that kids that pledge to remain virgins until marriage are contracting venereal diseases virtually at the same rate as kids that bang everyone that they can and the easy ones twice.
And Jesus freaks nearly fainted.
How can this be?
It appears that abstinence pledgers, as many as 88% of them, are pulling a “Bill Clinton”.
They are redefining “sex”.
I remember when I was in middle school there were girls who would suck your dick for a chocolate milk that called themselves "virgins" because they defined “sex” as strictly fucking.
They didn’t have vaginal sex because they were good girls.
If you asked them what they were doing with their boyfriends over the weekend they would say, “oh we were just fooling around.”
Anything short of actual vaginal penetration was well within acceptable levels of maintaining your status as a “good girl”.
And so through that loophole hundreds of good girls were able to stay within the upper echelon in the teenage pecking order and still “get theres”.
Well the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health study conducted by these Yale and Columbia University researchers showed that “good” teens are just as likely to have STDs as the “naughty” ones because the ones that sign their names on those Dubya funded abstinence programs are actually more likely to suck cock and take it in the ass just so they can stay “abstinent”.
According to the study, guys that pledge abstinence are four times more likely to have anal sex that guys that don’t.
Girls that pledge abstinence are six times more likely to engage in oral sex.
Once again, who is this news to?
I mean, I don’t expect everyone walking down the street to know the actual numbers but who hasn’t had contact with a church going, God fearing girl at least once in their life that was a total freak in the bedroom?
Put your hands down. That was a rhetorical question.
Of course there are those Jesus freaks out there like Leslee Unruh, president of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse in Sioux Falls, S.D., who called this study "bogus” because she says kids that pledge abstinence know that any activity that has the word sex in it is a sexual activity and therefore would stay away from it.
You know, to be honest I am no longer surprised when the religious right or conservatives in general call something “bogus”.
The only things they ever seem to believe are the things that corroborate whatever it is that they already believe.
You could go out and publish the most bogus paper ever xeroxed in a course pack about all the indisputable evidence you have that Jesus Christ performed all the miracles attributed to him in the New testament and not have a single footnote, primary source or photograph in it, and they would rather lick wet ass than call your research bogus.
Those of you who are out there that are still holing on to the hope that you will marry a virgin someday that actually speaks English as her first language and you didn’t have to order from a catalog, I have some discouraging new for you.
According to the same study, 88 percent of teens who pledge abstinence end up having sex before marriage, compared with 99 percent of teens who do not make a pledge.
And I am willing to bet that the 12% that aren’t fucking before marriage either couldn’t even if they wanted to or are either so screwed up in the head that you better think twice about what you are getting into.

same difference

women who drink beer more likely to get pregnant
Shit, you needed a government grant to tell you that? Then again these are nerds we are talking about here. What were they supposed to do take our word for it?

Oral sex lessons cut rates of teenage pregnancy by 20%
And for those of you that are wondering why they aren’t teaching the boys to eat pussy, you can have a seat in the lobby next to the guy with the abstinence books.

Source: Associated Press, Journal of Adolescent Health: http://www.jahonline.org/

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