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"Don't hire black men under the age of 35"

A friend of mine, who is like a brother to me, has bought into a franchise with this company that out of respect for him I will not mention the company by name.
I will also refrain from explaining how the business side all works to avoid potentially implicating the company in something that really doesn’t involve them.
All the company did was provide the setting for what happened.
Never did I for one second take what was said in this meeting my friend attended as being a reflection of the company, how they do business or indicative of their screening processes regarding who are awarded franchises.
Now with that said, this friend of mine who is now a franchisee of this company was at one of the several training classes that he's required to take before actually going out and starting his business. He called me up on Friday and told me about how this black dude that was teaching the predominantly black class the night before kept emphasizing to the class that "you should never hire any black male under the age of 35, they will screw you over every time."
"Trust me," He insisted " I am telling you this out of experience. Your best employees are going to be old people and couples.”
Think about what he just said for a second.
”You should never hire any black male under the age of 35…they will screw you over every time.”
This is coming from a black man.
Imagine if a white guy had said this, to a predominantly black class.
These Negroes would have rioted.
As it stood, no one said a peep.
So it must be true, right?
This is the kind of stuff that truly makes me depressed. I could write a 1,000 articles a month about people being crushed to death after rocking vending machines to try to get an extra bag of chips out of them, the spreading of rare and terrible diseases across the country side or asteroids on a collision course with the earth and it wouldn’t phase me one bit, but then ask me to have a conversation with black folks about racist comments like these and when they come out and agree with this guy and what he said I am ready to slit my wrists.
I am serious. It just kills me.
I don’t care how much experience he has with black men under the age of 35 screwing him over, I would still say that is why you have an interview process, asshole.
That is where you are supposed to being weeding those kinds of people out.
The problem is with you, not with an entire race of people under the age of 35.
If you are continuously getting burned then shouldn’t you be looking at your interviewing process and what criterion you are using to hire these people?
I would say the same thing to a guy that was complaining that women are only out to get his money or get knocked up and collect child support.
What are you doing to attract that type of woman? It’s on you. Don’t give me shit about how all women are gold digging mud wookies trying to get knocked up, because that has been your experience. What kind of places are you going to meet these women? How are you carrying yourself? What vibes are you giving off that are saying to these women, “hey, come holla at me.”
That is what you need to be asking yourself.
What sickens me is that my friend who was in this class is a black male under the age of 35, so what this guy was saying is that my friend is responsible enough to own a franchise but not responsible enough to work for one.
I mean, it would be different if this guy even narrowed the generalization down a bit and said black men, under the age of 35 with terrible references and felonies on their criminal records should be avoided.
Still a generalization, but workable.
I believe that black men under the age of 35 are hirable. I have never stuck an employer out to dry in the wind in my life.
I have never worked for anyone that I had to think twice about putting on my resume because of what they might say about me.
I am a black man. I am under 35.
And if your interviewing process can’t tell the difference between me and Fiddy Cent when we come in to interview for the job then, once again, look at yourself.
My father even, who when I was born was a stone cold black militant agreed with this guy’s statement.
To explain himself, he simply said that he thinks what the guy really meant was that people who would be applying for the kind of services these franchises provide the public are low wage, unskilled labor positions and so you are going to get low skilled, uneducated people applying for these kinds of jobs and so it will be difficult to find good help.
So I asked my father, “then why didn’t he say that instead of what he said which was don’t bother wasting your time hiring black men under the age of 35?”
”I don’t know. I’m not him.” He answered.
But see, I know my father, (some what) if someone white would have said the exact same thing he would not have given that white person the same amount of chain he is giving this guy.
No way. No chance.
I saw it first hand with George Karl, a white ESPN basketball analyst and now a white NBA coach when said something a few years back about black coaches in the NBA.
You would have thought my father saw film footage of George Karl being sworn in at a Crosstar meeting with a red Arrow cross flag draped around him.
And what George Karl said wasn’t even racist.
George Karl said, "Doc's (Doc Rivers) been anointed. And that's O.K. I understand that that happens, but it's not necessarily right. Doc does a great job - and now there's gonna be four or five more anointments of the young Afro-American coach."
When he was asked to clarify what he meant because the press had placed a racial spin on it he said this, "Philosophically, what I was complaining about, was coaches getting jobs skipping the process of serving their time," he said. "There are four guys who come to mind: Danny Ainge, Isiah (Thomas), Larry Bird and Doc Rivers. They never really coached before they got a head job. That bothers me, and will always bother me. I like guys who serve their time. I like (Portland coach) Mo Cheeks, who coached in the CBA and was at Philadelphia. He's done a great job. I'm happy for him. I have assistant coaches that I want to get jobs. It bothers me when guys skip the process of serving your time."
Apparently he cut the interview short because his friends just had gotten the cross into the pickup truck and he still needed to get his Klan outfit from the dry cleaners before they closed at 7pm.
All Karl was saying was pay your dues. Work yourself up the coaching ranks just like everyone else.
How can you argue with that?
Well my father found a way.
If Karl can’t get away with that, but this Negro can get away with saying “don’t hire black men under the age of 35” then where is the disconnect here that I am not getting?
Why can Louis Farrakhan say that whites are devils but Mathew Hale can’t say that blacks are the root cause of all societies’ ills?
That sounds like the exact same sentence to me.
I asked both my friend as well as my father point blank, “why do you give us so much rope and not them?”
The truth is the truth whether it comes out of the mouth of the guy who taught this class or Adolph Hitler, right?
Evidently not.
I can only imagine what a white guy sitting in that class would have thought hearing that statement about not hiring black men under the age of 35.
Of course this instructor in all likelihood wouldn’t have said anything like that if a white person was present.
I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to give that white person the “wrong impression”.
Well if black people aren’t supposed to hire black people then why should we expect or insist that white people hire us?
See why I get depressed?
The hypocrisy. The deception. The double standards. The lack of consistency in people’s values and principles.
I guess this is why my father always tells my mother not to tell me shit about what goes on in my family.
For one he thinks that I will air all of our business out on this website for the world to read and secondly, he thinks that I get too worked up about these kind of things and he doesn’t want to see me stroke out before I am 35.
Now you see why I don’t have many friends.
The first thing I am going to do is follow my own advice and look at myself.
Maybe it’s me.

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