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Uganda capture 16-Foot-Long, Man-Eating Monster Crocodile

Well so much for my theory that Africans don’t get mauled as often as you think that they would living in the midst of so many monsters in Africa.
Uganda wildlife experts have reportedly captured a 16 foot, one ton Crocodile that is suspected to have eaten more than 80 fishermen on Lake Victoria off the shores of Bugiri district over the past twenty years.
That’s like one person every three months or so for twenty years.
Now that is the horror of poverty. Why anyone would continue going back to that Lake to fish knowing that there is a 16 foot sea monster laying in wait for you every morning is beyond me.
Lending further proof that everything wild is more dangerous in Africa than anywhere else in the world.
Anyone who actually lives where crocodiles roam will politely correct you if you mistakenly call a “crocodile” an “alligator” as if the two are interchangeable.
Crocodiles are basically dinosaurs that refuse to accept that they should be extinct.
Evolution replaced them with a smaller model the alligator a few million years ago but they just refused to leave.
The state-owned New Vision newspaper even said that this monster “roared” as it was released to a holding ground after it was rescued from the natives that suddenly had balls and wanted to kill it after wildlife experts had already captured it and probably drugged the shit out it.
Never shy of using the latest cutting edge technology these African wildlife experts reportedly used ropes to trap this thing and transported it to a crocodile farm in the back of a pick-up truck.
They say that this crocodile is more than 60 years old and has particularly thick armor like skin.
What I would like to know is if it actually took these wildlife experts twenty years to capture this thing or it just took twenty years to try.

same difference

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Source: Reuters

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