RAW DOGMA                                                                       written by Nkrumah Steward
What’s Gay and What Isn’t

Male bodybuilder flexing during the Gay Games Bodybuilding Competition. I have to assume there is a difference between lesbianism and whatever we call male homosexuality. I came to this conclusion because I know that it is not difficult to find a woman who will French kiss another woman or even go down on another woman simply because men find it entertaining. It isn’t all that uncommon to be at a bar or a party and find some girl that has had a few drinks and after being edge on by the other guys around them they will kiss or even make out with another girl to the enthusiastic cheer of a crowd of drunk guys all around them.
Sure you can say "well they are just young," but you don't see guys doing things like this regardless of how young they are.
That is, unless they are gay.
I even did an article a while back about how some high school officials have actually noticed as recently as a few years ago that girls being “bi” is now chic at some schools in America.
They explain it away as just another way girls can get more attention from boys.
I don’t think there are many men out there that would go down on another guy or French kiss another dude to entertain or to “get in” with of a group of women.
I know I wouldn’t suck a dick for some chick’s kicks and giggles.
Shit, I wouldn’t even suck my own dick for some woman’s entertainment let alone somebody else’s.
In general I think men that choose a life of crime and are willing to spend their lives in and out of penitentiaries for the most part, are a lot more primal that I am.
From where I am standing, they seem to have a lot more base needs than I have.
Everyday men who are hard ass gangsters on the streets, show up in prison and seven weeks into his sentence he is behind some corner fucking some dude in the ass, talking about he has “needs”.
What that says to me is that when he was out on the streets he was seven weeks away from fucking me in the ass too.
Luckily for me since there were women around, so every time he had sex with one of them he kept resetting his counter.
If pressured for an explanation, he will insist that it isn’t gay if you are giving the dick, it’s only gay if you are receiving it.
But how can that be? It’s gay to go to the movies and sit in the seat right next to the guy you came to the movie with.
The rule is that there is supposed to be a seat in-between you and him at all times unless seating capacity dictates that you must move towards each other one seat.
If that is gay, not having a seat in-between two guys in a movie theater, then how could it not be gay to put your dick in a man’s ass?
In case you were wondering, it’s also gay for two men to hug each other if all they have on is their bath towels.
It’s also gay if you are a professional athlete juiced up on steroids and you fly your personal doctor into town to hook you up to a decatheter machine to pump another man’s clean urine into your bladder so you can pass a steroid test.
How could you need sex so bad that you would take a man’s ass after just seven weeks of being without a woman is beyond me.
I wouldn’t fuck a man after seven centuries let alone seven weeks.
And you know why? That’s because I masturbate.
Has anyone ever heard of masturbation?
What do you mean it isn’t the same thing?
Not the same thing as what, fucking a man?
It takes a really gay motherfucker to say that you are a “pussy” if you jerk off but you are real man if you make another man suck your dick.
Evidently in order to enjoy masturbation, even in prison, you still need to have an imagination. I just assumed everyone did.
Apparently that isn’t something that I should just assume everyone has.
You would think being in prison would compel you to develop the most vivid imagination humanly possible.
If for no other reason but to plan a way to break out of that place.
Now for the record, I don’t place any value on whether or not something is gay or isn’t gay, I just have a problem with people muddying the waters with inconsistent definitions that have with so many loop holes and backdoors in them that you would think you were reading the U.S. tax code.
If you are gay, more power to ya. If you are straight, keep on keeping on. Just don’t tell me that putting two straws in a large soda and sharing it with a dude isn’t gay.
It was gay when Socrates did it. It was gay when Hans Christian Andersen did it and it is gay when Matt Drudge does it. It will always be gay.

same difference

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You would be hard pressed to find any Greek man or woman back in the day that didn’t suck dick.

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Well let’s be honest here. How do you ever really know someone is gay unless you catch them hanging out with Kevin Spacey ?


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