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UN troops finally shooting back in Congo

It's one of the most bizarre things I have heard so far this year. The UN sends peacekeeping troops all around the world, sometimes into some of the most hostile places on earth, but up until fairly recently were permitted from firing their weapons on people.
Scratch that.
They could fire their weapons on people but only to protect U.N. staff. It wasn’t until the 15 member security council relatively recently toughened their rules allowing peacekeeping forces to protect civilians.
Good idea. I thought that’s what they were there for in the first place?
Rules like that have actually placed the U.N. in positions where they literally had to sit back and watch while people were executed right in front of their faces, their own vehicles looted and burned to the ground and villages ransacked, civilians killed, women raped and children orphaned.
So if your not going to shoot people what's the point in going in?
What did they think their presence alone was going to give militants, rebels and other forces of lawlessness, a guilty conscious?
I didn't know this but evidently a lot of times countries actually refuse to offer their soldiers for the UN to use as peacekeeping forces for exactly that reason. The Congo was one of those places. Uganda was another.
They were actually eating people in Uganda and UN peacekeeping forces refused to go into certain areas because their safety couldn’t be insured.
So again, what is the point in going in if you can’t use whatever force is necessary to keep the peace?
Now I understand the political implications of the U.N. firing off rounds into civilians, even if they are cannibals. Everyone from militia survivalist groups to Jehovah Witnesses believe the UN is some sinister organization that is posing itself to rule the world someday, so I understand that it might not look very good to have plastered all over the television every night UN troops mowing down people with tanks and with assault rifles, but damn, that just brings us back to the place we started, why go then?
How are you keeping the peace if you can’t shoot back at people when they shooting at you? How are you expected to defend yourself, with Jesus?
Well finally U.N. peacekeeping troops fired back on an attack helicopter in the Congo piloted by a bunch of transvestites and ended up killing about 60 militants in all, partially in response to these transvestite militants killing nine Bangladeshi U.N. peacekeepers a few days ago.
Evidently tribal fighters in the Congo dress up in wigs and women’s dresses when they go into battle because they think looking and acting like a woman on the field of battle will protect them from harm.
And believe me, despite the fact that 60 of these cross dressers were mowed down today by U.N. Peacekeeping forces, it won’t even put a dent in the belief that putting on a wig, a support bra and a camisole will spare them from the indiscriminating damage that bullets often incur when they hit their targets.
The Lendu militants they killed today were accused of massacring thousands of Hema in village raids over the years. They actually have forced 70,000 people to flee their homes and literally head for the hills.
And to think, it took the death of nine Bangladeshi peacekeepers to do what the killing of thousands and the displacement of 70,000 couldn’t do, get them to keep the peace.

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