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Botswana beauty pageant to choose miss HIV

Botswana, home of the world’s largest diamond producer and also one of the highest AIDS rates on the planet is holding a Miss HIV pageant to try to lessen the stigma about having HIV so that people will feel more comfortable coming forward to get tested as well as taking potentially life-extending medicines that are available on the market.
12 girls will compete for the title of “Miss HIV Stigma Free” this weekend. AIDS groups are optimistic.
I dunno how I feel about this MISS HIV pageant. I understand the idea and what they expect to get out of it, but I dunno, something doesn’t sit right with me.
However, to figure out why I have a problem with this pageant I am going to have to figure out what makes this one different from any other pageant that I don’t have a problem with.
For the record I am also against Miss Butt ugly, Miss Quadriplegic, Miss Blind, Miss Amputee, Miss Breast Cancer and Miss Plastic Surgery.
Now the question is why? The reason that the organizers of this pageant give as to why they put all of this together is because they want to remove the stigma around having HIV and raise the self-esteem of people who are living with the disease.
Well minus the disease part I am sure that all of the examples I just gave could use a little stigma relief as well as a little self-esteem boost, but how much are you actually going to get from something like this?
I mean when they roll Miss Quadriplegic out on stage for her nurse to accept her roses is that really going to make it suddenly cool to be paralyzed from the neck down?
Diseases, deformities, unfortunate circumstances are all things that it is virtually impossible to actually feel good about. Who wants to be missing a leg? I think the best you can get is to learn to accept your situation and make the best of it.
Being Miss HIV is never going to make you happy you’ve got it or easier to live with..
And this is not just an AIDS thing either,. If Bangladesh tried to organize a “Miss Got Acid Toss In My Face” pageant I would be against that too.
"We are saying here we are, we are HIV positive and it doesn't mean it's the end of the line," 33 year old reigning Miss HIV Kgalalelo Ntsepe told Reuters.
See, this is one of those things that I want to support, but HIV kills. This isn’t like Miss Herpes where you can say, “Hey I’ve got herpes and I still live an active life and so can you.”
This is HIV. This is different. Really different. Sure you might be alive and healthy for now but people with herpes aren't competing in death pools, if you know what I mean?
And I am not trying to stir up paranoia and be ignorant about this terrible disease but the virus is present in all your bodily fluids when you have it.
And although they will tell you there isn’t enough of it in the saliva to give you HIV, and I want to believe them, you still wouldn’t catch me sharing a spoon with her.
I guess I should support this since AIDS groups, who know a hell of a lot more than I do about the disease and the problems that the world is facing with it, are unanimously supporting the pageant. "It may just be a pageant, but it is important because it brings together people with HIV who are open about their status," said Brad Ryder, spokesman for the African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Program.
"They need support, they need to come out and get acceptance for their condition."
See if I had HIV, a pageant isn’t going to help me accept the fact that I have HIV.
And I don’t need a glitzy Las Vegas style glamour show to motivate me to go get whatever medications are out there to treat the disease or at least the symptoms or whatever they do nowadays.
I would do that all on my own. I couldn't care less what people thought about it.
I have a hard time with this because I just know that people are going to look at this pageant and say to themselves, “Man, that’s a shame a piece of ass like that is ruined.”
That is basically what a beauty pageant is. It is a showcase of physically beautiful women that we would all fuck on the drop of a dime. Sure some of them can play the flute standing on their heads and it seems like all of them are studying to be veterinarians and if they all had one wish would blow it on “world peace”, but beneath all of that, they are all still being paraded around as a nice piece of ass.
Now what is the sense of parading beautiful women around on a stage while at the same time hyping up the fact that they have a life threatening sexually transmitted disease?
What are you trying to do make us men that are still HIV negative even more paranoid than we already are?
And you can just forget about the “if you had one wish question” that seems to be a staple at all of these beauty pageants.
If any one of these contestants say that they would spend their only wish on world peace or solving world hunger they should be disqualified for lying through their teeth.
We know what they would spend their wish on.
The bottom line is that I am not knowingly fucking a woman that is HIV positive, I don’t care if she can make pottery with her feet and could shoot an apple off my head with a bow and arrow from half a mile.
What a beauty pageant is about, is parading beautiful women on a stage so that men can say, “Man, I would hit that.”
You just can’t say that about this pageant. So maybe my problem with all of this is that this pageant really is the world’s first pageant where the sex fantasy part of it is out of the equation, and there just seems to be something wrong about that.

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Source: Reuters

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